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Science and Engineering

No description

Sara Maltese

on 13 January 2016

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Transcript of Science and Engineering

Milena Flament
Proponent of the
"Flipped" Classroom
*Science &
...presented to you by
What have
you learned?
1. What's the difference between Science and Engineering?
2. What are some of the fields of science?
3. What are some of the different types of engineering?
Who are we??
What is science?
So now you might be wondering...
Careers in Science
Earth Sciences/
Biological Sciences
4. What are some careers that you can have after completing a science or engineering degree?
5. Did you enjoy our presentation?
Track One
Civil Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Mineral Engineering
Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
WISE stands for Women in Science and Engineering
Host fun and inclusive social events
Provide networking support before, during and after university
Learn and improve together as a team
Take initiative and get more people involved!
The exploration of the natural world and the discovery of new knowledge about the universe and how it works.
What is
Engineers apply the knowledge obtained through science to solve practical problems, often with a goal of optimizing cost, efficiency, or other parameters.
Computer Science
Design courses in 1st year
Working on real world design problems throughout degree
Interdisciplinary engineering minors
Emphasis on communications, leadership, and teamwork
Engineering Disciplines
Track One
Industrial Engineering
Civil Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering (MSE)
Mechanical Engineering
Mineral Engineering
Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE)
Engineering Science
General first year!
Get a glimpse of all the engineering programs before choosing a discipline (except Engineering Science) at the end of first year
Oldest branch of engineering
Responsible for infrastructure in cities and towns
Encompasses buildings, bridges, transportation
Must design to resist extreme weather and forces acting upon it
Increase efficiency, profitability and safety
Interested in people and how they interact with technology
Ex. Optimize medical operating room, distribute products worldwide, design interface of a phone
Design and manipulate structure and properties of materials at a molecular and atomic scale
Develop adaptive polymers, biomaterials and advanced semiconductors
Design lighter, stronger and more flexible materials

Engineering Science
Bionic Pancreas
Vale Mining
UTIAS : Sikorsky Human-Powered Helicopter
Apply physical principles to design, manufacture and assembly of products
Chances are, if it moves, a mechanical engineer designed it
Ex. Aircrafts, robotics, automation, medical devices, power generation, any form of transportation
Develop and design sustainable underground infrastructure for applications involving mining, oil, gas exploration, tunnels, and subways
Discover, develop valuable mineral resources
Without the mineral engineer, imagine a life without steel, concrete, or glass
Interested in electrical systems that provide energy to power the world
Explore new ways to harvest energy from sources such as the sun, wind, and water
Develop intelligent software
Enhance aerospace instruments
Explore how to control robots, micro-robots and automated processes
Wide range of prospective fields
Unique “2+2” curriculum structure
Eight majors : Aerospace, Biomedical, Electrical & Computer, Energy Systems, Infrastructure, Mathematics, Statistics & Finance, Robotics or Physics
For ..
Get in touch with us!
Statistical Sciences
to encourage high school students to pursue careers in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, math)
We hosted Take Your Kid to Skule Day for the first time last year!
Contributed to UofT's Go Eng Girl event and the Youth Science Expo!
Teacher, Professor
Climate Change Analyst
Lab Technician
Science Administration
Health and Safety Officer
Careers in Engineering
Geological Engineer
Business Engineer
Environmental Impact Analyst
Aerodynamics Engineer
Landscape Architect
Biomedical Engineer
Aircraft Mechanic
Hardware Circuit Board Designer
Web Developer
Quality Assurance Manager
Marine Engineer Officer
University of Toronto Admission Categories:
Computer Science
Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Life Sciences
Examples of specific science programs:
Studying ideas/theories that help us deal with information in computers
Designing computers and their programs
Investigating where computers can be used in society
The Earth and its materials
Systems and products
How we fit into the Earth's natural cycles
The study of...
The study of...
The human mind and its functions (the way it works)
How behaviour and mental ablilities are influenced by mental and biological processes
The study of life and living organisms
Pharmacology- the study of drugs
Microbiology- study of bacteria and viruses
Neuroscience- mechanisms of learning and memory, pain and brain disorders
Specific programs include:
The collection, analysis and interpretation of numerical facts and data
Uses mathematical theories for organization
Battling Malaria with Mustard Oil
Jessie is using a molecular compound she stumbled upon in high school to develop a new drug for malaria
It will be made of mustard oil!
She plans for her drug to be cheap, effective and accessible to people in the developing world
<- Jessie MacAlpine
- Computer Science
- Earth Sciences/Geoscience
- Psychology
- Biological Sciences
- Statistical Sciences
Mustard Oil
at the University of Toronto
Lina ElFaki
Esther Yong
Sara Maltese
High School Outreach Communications
High School Outreach Operations Director
High School Outreach Chair
Pont des Arts Bridge
Pedestrian bridge in Paris
'Love Locks' caused partial failure of the bridge
The weight of the 'love locks' was not in the engineer's calculations
Healthcare Human Factors
Facilities using props to simulate hospital scenarios
Perform testing to improve healthcare IT and medical devices
Improve safety of drug infusion and chemotherapy, mobile apps for diabetes and heart health, etc.
Glow-in-the-Dark Ice Cream
Uses synthesized jellyfish luminescence protein
One scoop costs $225
It can be made with any flavour!
Invented by British entrepreneur Charlie Francis
Vale is a global mining company with a mission to transform natural resources into prosperity
Ores are the ingredients for various items used in everyday life
The University of Toronto-based design team won the long standing AHS Sikorsky Prize with a flight lasting 64.1 seconds and reaching an altitude of 3.3 metres.
Social Networking Sites/Apps
Biomass Energy
Harvesting energy from the earth in innovative ways!
Statistics Canada
Large database of valuable statistical information
Help people analyze trends within Canada
Useful in predicting future trends, making new policies and improving the overall quality of life in Canada
Used to spy on the neural activity of animals while they are uninterrupted and free to move
Small, compact device that weighs only 2 grams
Very helpful for gathering data from neurons
Wearable device and smartphone app
Includes insulin pump and glucose monitor
Ensures blood glucose levels are within a normal range
Lifts the burden of diabetes management!
Smart, automatic pet feeder with a camera
With internet access and the smartphone app, you can watch and feed your pet!
Chemical Engineering
Application of physics, chemistry and biology 
Plant design, cosmetics, plastics, household products
Ex. Artificial organs, micro organisms (to clean up oil spills)
Consulting for sustainable energy and environmental practices
L’Oréal Make-up
Chemists and chemical engineers work on formulation and manufacturing
Supports product development
Designs experiments and controls process

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