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Life Map, Going Back to History

No description

Mustajab Azam

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Life Map, Going Back to History

MY LIFE MAP!!!! By Mustajab Azam Relax and please don't go to the washroom. Hi! My name is Mustajab Azam. I was born on February, 6 2000 at 6:14 p.m. in Faisalabad, Pakistan. Name and Birthdate The Trip Two months after I was born, my dad had to Sweden to visit my uncle. He went for two months. I felt so alone the whole time. When my dad came back, I so happy to see him but man at him that he left for so long. My First Move When I turned four, my birthday present was that I was moving(that's what my mom said). Before I used to live with 3 families and it was so packed. So when I moved into the new huge house, I felt so relaxed and happy(but a bit scared too). My Brother When I was almost three years old, when my little brother was born. Then I really was confused about who this person was. But after a while as I grew older, then I realized that he was my brother. From when he was born to now he is really annoying. But sometimes he is really nice. My First Visit to Canada In 2007, I immegrated from Pakistan to Canada. While in the plane, I thought the clouds were snow and I was looking for living things the whole time. When we landed I was soo happy. After when when we coming to our house, the road we came from was soo beautiful and was covered with trees. It felt so nice. Operation After 5 months we came to Canada, I needed an operation. My appendix had to be removed. I was really scared and started crying. But after the operation was done, I was really glad because i wasn`t feeling the pain anymore. It costed a lot of money. Amusement Park!!! In 2009, the first amusement park I went to was Wonderland. I had a lot of fun and got scared a lot too. Some rollar coasters scared the living soul out of me. My family friends and dad made me go on them. First School In Canada The first school I went to in Canada was ``Clairvelle Public School``. I was so sad at that school. At recess, I used to lean against the wall and start sobbing. I hated that school. Everybody was so mean. Graduation!! My first gaduation in ever was in McBride Ave. Public School. It felt really good. All the planning and hardwork that went into preparing the graduation really paid off. Middle School!!! My middle school is Woodlands. Its an awesome school. So far i really like it. I just want the team tryouts to come fast. Can`t wait to try out for teams!!!!!!All my teachers are really cool too. Just trying to remember my ways in the hallway to my class. Healthy And Young When I was young, I used to be soo healthy but I don't know what went wrong as I grew up.This is a picture of me when I was 1 year old. SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! Award! When i was 4 years old, I got my first award. It was for having the highest marks in the whole grade. I got first 3 to for times in a row in the school. I am soo grateful that I had awesome teachers in my learning education. Currently, I have an awesome teacher. The picture of me is when I was getting my first award. I wanted my mom to come with me. :) Awesome Moments
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