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HowTo Gamejam

No description

Patrick Müller

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of HowTo Gamejam

GAMEJAM by Patrick Müller YOUR GAME Finding an Idea What should I do first? HowTo Start How should we
group ourselves choose a technology What is our focus? What can we do? your Game What is possible
in 48h? What we like
to do? what was good? what was bad? Why should
I participate? Coding
Sounds Student für
Medizinische Informatik
an der
Hochschule Mannheim Indigame
Fanboy Organisator
des Gamejams
an der HS Mannheim Heute für euch
auf der GPN13 Gameplay vs. Story Platform
Framework Make an Simple Prototype with Blocks What is
important Some
that makes your game so much
better Level Design Sounds and Animations first 60 seconds Player Motivation Tutorial Jedes Level sollte ein neues Element einführen
Dinge sollten wieder auftauchen
Dinge sollten in späteren Level gut kombinierbar sein Storytelling simple pictures
spoken text instead of write text only
static pictures
simple moveing animation from left to right Have fun http://grapefrukt.com/f/games/juicy-breakout/ Anything you
finish in 48h is amazing mp@floatec.de www.floatec.de Questions Das THEMA
ist RAUS!?!? And you? Topic the basic
principle of a game Load Update Draw Unload http://gamejam.bloutiouf.com/
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