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Copy of Young in DNV

Introductory Presentation of YiDNV

Eric Rambech

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Young in DNV

What is Young in DNV? Get to know people
Exchange information
Explore DNV's diversity Connect - Build a Network The informal YiDNV mission Connect - Grow - Enjoy Learn from others, including senior execs
Work on projects across sections and competencies
Go where you want to go Grow - Be Inspired Get to know the social side of your colleagues
Let them get to know you
Share hobbies and interests Enjoy - Have fun! How do we?
- Connect
- Collaborate Make young colleagues feel welcome? 600 Young employees at DNV Høvik
360 of which were hired past 3 years "Young" ? <35 yrs Next? 1) Find "Young in DNV" Sharepoint Site on Intranet 2) Sign up for YiDNV distribution list 3) Get out there!!! I'm interested
Now what? Previous events:
Talk show with upper management
Pay-day gatherings
Morning coffee with the CEO
Wind for dummies
YiDNV cabin trip (Beitostølen)
Summer bbq In the Pipeline
Pay-day gathering (bbq or pub)
Upper management presentations
Joint event with Young Nutcrackers (Aker), Young in Statoil and/or YoungShip.
More cabin trips??
Stay tuned! -A brief introduction (But everyone is welcome!) Prezi created by: Eric L. Rambech
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