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No description

deja stephens

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of neptune

Neptune!(: Neptune is about 49,500 kilometers
in diameter, about 4 times the size of earth. neptune has 3 main rings, it has 13 moons.
Astronomers were looking for it before it was even
known to exist, they found out that uranus didnt
seem to obey laws of physics something was making it move in unesxpected ways wich was found out to be Neptune. the distance from neptune
to the earth is 2.68 billion
miles and neptune from
the sun is 2.77 billion miles
away. some sources say it was Galle and d'Arrest discovered
neptune on september 23,1846 although other sources say that it was adams in 1846. it has rings like some of the planets.
its one of the four biggest planets,
and it is made out of hydrogen and helium gas.
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