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Compare and Contrast to Football and Basketball

This is my Language Arts project that compares and contrasts basketball and fotball

Ryan Smith

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Compare and Contrast to Football and Basketball

Compare and Contrast Football to Basketball Football and Basketball Football and Basketball Football and Basketball Football and Basketball Football and basketball are very similar and different in many ways.They are similar that they are sports but differ of how you play the sports.Football is usually dangerous other than basketball.Football is all about throwing the football to a wide open player on your team in order for the player to catch the ball and go to the touchdown zone to score.Basketball is all about dribbling the ball and making a shot in order to score. In both sports there are rules.In order to win the game you have to follow them.

In football there is a rule that if you make a penalty the other team gets five yards up.One of the penalty is called holding.Holding is when the defense hangs on the offense in order for the offense to not catch the ball.

In basketball there is a rule that if you make a foul you would get two free shots.For example:If you are dribbling the ball and the other person on the other team was in front of the hoop and you were about to do a lay-up or a slam dunk then that would be a foul. To do football you would have to handle that you will get severely hurt a lot of times.To do basketball you have to be a good sprinter.Both football and basketball needs different kinds of skills. Those are all of the similarities and differences of football and basketball p Fun Fact:The top ten best basketball players are Tim Duncan, Shaquille O'Neal,Kobe Bryant, Oscar Robertson,Wilt Chamberlain,Larry Bird,Kareem Abdul-Jabbar,Bill Rusell,Magic Johnson,and Micheal Jordan Which is your favorite sport:Football or basketball? You choose Fun Fact:There are 32 teams in the NFL
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