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A story

A story through poetry!

Sadie Ruckman

on 20 June 2010

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Transcript of A story

Days that go by slowly turn into weeks,
and the weeks to months.
She found that her imagination grows weak. Feeling alone is not a gift I wish for you
Said the lonely girl at the moon.
Today I thought that I made a friend
Thinking that he was god’s send.
He turned to me and even smiled
Then into dry dust he piled.
I thought I made a friend today
But it was my mind making a beautiful play.

Being lonely is not something I would wish on my enemy,
that is if I had one, even then that would be better. A person to see me.
In my head the violins play, a sweet yet sad melody.
Something that is rather melancholy.
I am here but not know not seen, so am I here?
I don't want to live in constant fear. I sit here alone all these thoughts in my head,
How I long for the comfort of my feathered bed.
Alone in this despair I sit and ponder
and sink into this naturall wonder. Thats when you came to me with that warm smile.
It seems that I had searched many a mile,
to seek you
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