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European and Russian Fashion


sarah tidy

on 10 February 2010

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Transcript of European and Russian Fashion

European and Russian Fashion 1933 - 45 European fashion Womens fashion Depression - skirts longer Cloche hats Broad shoulders Zipper Synthetic fabrics Bold colours Schiaparelli Soft, pretty dresses - fluttering or
puffed sleeves Bias cut in dresses to drape over
feminine curves Late 1930's - halternecked or backless
evening dresses 1930's Bolero jackets and dresses
to emphasise shoulders Gloves - evening gowns eldow
length, day gloves short fabric
or leather Short or mid length wavy hairstyles 1940's War time - trousers acceptable
for women as more practical Knee length skirts Simply cut blouses and jackets Cardigans Sheath evening dresses Narrow hips, wide shoulders Floral prints Pointed collar shirts Rationing - used what they could get European Men's Fashion 1930's and 40's Bright colours from 1920's out of fashion - great depression Drape cut Light padding, slightly nipped waist,
fuller sleeves, cut with flattering folds to enhance the figure High waists, pegged trousers - more extreme styles Military style long coats Waist length white jacket Cummerbund instead of waistcoat Bow ties Plus fours and knickerbockers worn for sport Fedora hat Neckties War military style, long coats uniform Russian fashion 1930's and 40's Military coats Military uniforms Boots Very similar to european fashions
people rich enough would try and get fabric and designs from Europe Ushanka hats Less austere than European fashion
more black, less bright colours Fur capes, coats, hats
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