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Marketing - Products and Branding

No description

Vincent Che

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Marketing - Products and Branding

Tutorial 5 Products and Branding Presented by Goods Megan Chin (12052494)
Vincent Che (11035946) Three Levels
of Product Core Customer Value The Lion King 1) Entertainment purposes
2) Provides moral values Wreck-It Ralph 1) Memories (from iconic game characters)
2) Creativity Actual Product Brand Name A brand is a name, term, sign, symbol, or design, or a combination of these, that identifies the maker or seller of a product or service. Quality Level The ability of a product or service that bear to perform its functions to satisfy stated or implied customer needs Wreck-It-Ralph Packaging The activities of designing and producing the container or wrapper for a product. Defined as the difference between what a customer gets from a product and what he or she has to give in order to get it. It addresses the question “ What is the buyer really buying? “ Tangible aspects of a product such as the brand name, quality level, packaging, design and features. The Lion King CD/DVD Cases Wreck-It Ralph The appearance and visual of the product. Features Competitive tools for differentiating the company’s product from other competitors’ products Design The Lion King Produced in DVD discs
High definition quality
More visual effects
Graphics are real and detailed Recorded in cassettes
Quality may degraded if reused over and over
Hand-drawn traditionally
Graphics might not be as realistic Video Home System Limited design on Video Home System (VHS) Different designs on DVD’s are available based on their quality Wreck-It Ralph DVD edition DVD Blu-ray edition Information is printed behind the DVD cases; synopsis, additional features, and pictures The Lion King Wreck-It Ralph Deleted Scenes
Extra Scenes
Extended Soundtracks
Multiple languages and subtitles
Director’s cut The Lion King Augmented Product A product enhanced by the addition of related services and benefits. Free shipping
Paid via Visa credit card Product Support Information about products sold are uploaded in the website for customers to review or seek help. Warranty Disney will accept return purchases if the product is returned within 30 days after the shipping date. After-sale Service Receive a $50 statement credit after first purchase
Offers special limited-time discounts to card members
Redeem points to rewards such as DVDs, games, books, costumes, movie tickets and theme park tickets. The Lion King Wreck-It Ralph The old opening theme with the iconic Disney castle used in the Lion King movie. The new and current opening theme.
2D castle to 3D castle.
Starts from the sky, pans down to a city, river, and fireworks that truck over the castle. Visit a company’s website and read about their offering:
Differences between goods and services.
Core, actual and augmented components of existing and new products.
Why has the company decided to use the brand name for their existing and new product? Overview A commodity, a physical item that satisfies human wants or needs Tangible Quality remains uniform Goods Services A type of activity or deed performed by one party for another Intangible Quality varies Services Quality Level Delivery and Credit The Lion King Wreck-It Ralph Customer purchase from video store
Paid via cash/credit card Wreck-It Ralph The Lion King Information regarding products can be obtained through video store management The Lion King Wreck-It Ralph Depends on the video store. Some stores offer refunds within 1 week of purchase. Wreck-It Ralph The Lion King Depends on the store. Customers are welcome to return to the store should there be any questions or problems regarding the products sold. www.disneystore.com
www.thewaltdisneycompany.com Disney Websites Consists of only the movie
No additional features WHY? Disney has retained the name Disney since the beginning until now. October 16
1923 :
Disney Brothers
Cartoon Studio January
1926 :
Walt Disney
Studio Reflected Walt’s role as the “creative force”. Brother, Roy worked behind the scene. The End
Thanks for participating!
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