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AAD 520, Unit 9: Loss, Mourning & Memory

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UK Arts Administration

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of AAD 520, Unit 9: Loss, Mourning & Memory

Unit 9:
Loss, Mourning & Memory
I. Art and Loss
A list of the songs inspired by 9/11:

Family members talk about Sept. 11, 10 years after the event, in the new play, Sweet and Sad.
READ: 9/11: Ten years later - A number of plays explore the aftermath of the attacks by Peter Filichia for The Star-Ledger
9/11 Dance - A Roving Memorial
READ: Dance transforms emotions about 9/11. By Jessica Goldstein
What other arts (music, dance, theatre, visual arts) about loss works can you identify or imagine?
How are they serious, and somber and/or a sanctuary for contemplation?
II. Arts and Public Mourning
READ: Newtown Requests Halt to Gifts, Says They'll Become 'Sacred Soil'
III. Arts and Public Memory
"Never Forget"
Maya Lin’s design for the Vietnam War Memorial:
Get DVD with your Netflix account:
Purchase on Amazon:
Watch online for free:
Maya Lin: A Clear Strong Vision

Better Practices for Commemoration
Image Gallery of September 11 Memorial
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