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PostNL Award Masters

gemaakt door ShareAll


on 7 January 2016

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Transcript of PostNL Award Masters

Products ordered online in China
Products collected by seller
Products consolidated
by customer of PostNL
Baby formula and other
popular western products

Products sorted and registered by PostNL
Products put on airfreight pallet and on a plane to China
Products distributed to consumer by China Post
Improved communication
From UPU to EMS
Adjust to changes in law and security
Stay up to date on a dynamic market
Optimizations throughout the chain
Dedicated China Helpdesk
Extra parcel scans
Customer Newsletter
Internal knowledge sharing
Creating commitment

of what we achieved!
And we just got started....
Chinese customer buys products from Europe via Chinese shopping platforms

Operational optimization of the process of sending European products to China

On our way to
additional 100% growth
China market requires further development and improvement

Processing at Schiphol
Flight procurement
Building freighter pallets
Transfer to airline

Export to China
On our way to additional 100% growth
Dedicated implementation
Software integration
Strict product/price policy
Regional sorting
Relationship management

Dedicated process
From UPU to EMS
Linking EA and 3S barcode
Development combilabel
Regional sorting
IT interfaces: Netlink / IPS / PIOS

From 1 to 14 parcels per 2 minutes!
LEAN project export to China
Goal project:

Cost savings
Improved transit time
Scalability increased

Result project:

Flights and handling to CEVA
Cost savings 2016: € 3,2 MIO per year
Flights: € 2,5 MIO
Handling: € 0,7 MIO
Doubled capacity 80 to 160 ton per day
Infeed locations to China: from 4 to 10
Transit time: - 2 days

Nico van der Marel

Account Manager PostNL Pakketten
Martijn de Vries
Sales Director International Parcels
Antoine Engels
Projectleider International Operations
Annemiek Woudenberg
Projectleider Marketing
€ 50.000.000
€ 7.500.000
> 22.000.000 kg
Omzet 2015
EBIT 2015
in 2 years
Boeings to China
Parcels per minute
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