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Copy of Physical Therapy Consultants


Physical Therapy Consultants

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Physical Therapy Consultants

Get Back to Living Physical Therapy Consultants Physical Therapy for the
Foot and Ankle A Functional Approach Post Surgical
Ankle Rehabilitation Plantar Fasciitis Control the Inflammation Process Restore Range of Motion Increase Strength and Stability Educate the Patient Progress to functional activities
-Ankle Sprains
-Plantar Fasciitis
-Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
-Heel Spurs -Chronic Ankle Instability
-Achilles Tendonosis
-Post-Tib Tendonosis
-Shin Splints
-And more! Treating patients who suffer from: How We Do Things Therapeutic ultrasound used to increase
circulation, minimize scar tissue, and promote healing. Using a tennis ball can help
loosen the plantar fascia. Rolling with ice helps to control the inflammation process. Iontophoresis Dexamethasone on Plantar Fasciitis Studies suggest that the use of iontophoresis combined with traditional modalities provides immediate reduction of painful symptoms. DID YOU KNOW? Regular therapy visits following ankle surgery have been proven to return
the patient to activities of daily life
faster than those patients who decided not to receive therapy. Post Surgical Ankle Incisions Following surgery, therapy can help
limit the amount of scar tissue and
adhesion's that can often cause
a second surgery. A Functional Approach By The Gray Institute By using functional techniques
we are more successful at
returning our patients to
everyday life. "The Gray Institute is internationally acclaimed for its innovation, development, mastery, and delivery of Applied Functional Science. They are recruited to consult, analyze, assess, rehabilitate, restore, train, and condition individuals of all levels and abilities, including professional sports.
The foremost leader of functional prevention, rehabilitation, and performance enhancement in the industry." Why PTC? Our Foot and Ankle Patients Say.. Personal Care We deliver personal care that allows patients to trust in our therapists and ensure they feel good about their therapy experience. Patients will see the same friendly faces at each therapy visit and will feel relieved knowing that they will work with the same therapists each time. Kinesio Tape Kinesio tape that is properly applied, can help provide support, while allowing the patient to feel non-restricted. Plantar Fascia Kinesio Tape Used to provide additional support to the longitudinal arch, and can also assist in the inflammatory process. Kinesio Tape for the Achilles Tendon Used to provide stability and support to injured Achilles Tendons while allowing full functional ability. Can be taped to either inhibit or facilitate use. Plantar Fascia Patients Say: "The Therapy I received for heel/foot pain
was very beneficial. Over time there was increased flexibility in my feet and ankles and the heel pain is completely gone. The most helpful exercises I learned were also things I could easily do at home. The staff was friendly and professional." Three Easy to Find Locations Sylvania Oregon Perrysburg 27064 Oakmead Drive
Perrysburg, Ohio
419-874-6957 6060 Renaissance Drive
Toledo, Ohio
419-824-2020 2739 Navarre Ave
Oregon, Ohio
419-698-3520 The Hazards of High Heels High Heels place
abnormal stresses on
the bones and soft
tissues of the feet and
ankle joints. " PTC helped my swelling enormously! They also helped my ROM,
balance, and strength. Our work is not done though. I still have
troubles walking and some pain with strenuous walking activities.
PTC has truly helped me and I feel with more time they can fix all
my problems!" Our Patients Say: "I have greatly increased the mobility of
my ankle and significantly decreased the amount of pain to nearly none while doing so. I can now jog and nearly sprint with correct form. When I began therapy I had nearly no mobility. I can now perform normal work duties at my job with nearly no pain or aggravation of the ankle." "Julie and her staff were wonderful. Although we were unable to exactly pinpoint the source of swelling, the exercises and stretches minimized the pain. My left foot was only painful once in the 6 weeks of therapy. My ankles were tender a few times. Julie and her staff adjusted my therapy based on how good/bad my ankles and feel felt. I feel like I progressed at a good pace through the therapy sessions without overdoing it. I have taken a few exercises and stretches away with me that I will continue to periodically do. I look forward to many more painless weeks and months ahead. Thanks!" DID YOU KNOW? Nearly 25,000 people
will sprain their ankle
every day. Functional exercises help prepare the patient for challanges they face in everyday life. PTC uses a combination of manual mobilization, therapeutic modalities, range of motion, proprioception, and strengthening exercises.
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