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Minecraft: Redstone

A minecraft tutorial on redstone.

Denzie Taves

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Minecraft: Redstone

Redstone Once you push a button the signal gives power to the redstone wire for a second and then shuts off. Levers can be switched on and off, once you do so the signal either gives power to the redstone wire or it doesn't. Redstone is like electrical wire in minecraft. It can carry power, but it can't create its own. For that you need items like buttons, levers, pressure plates or a redstone torch. On Off Pressure plates are like buttons, they give power when a player or living creature walks over them. After they walk off it, it stops giving power. Redstone torches give a continues supply of power until you destroy it. Redstone has many uses, here are a few of them: Pressure plates and all the other items that give power can open doors. Pistons extend when given power. When they extend they can push blocks in their way Sticky pistons can grab and pull blocks. It will stay on the sticky piston until you break it. A redstone torch can lose its power if powered redstone wire is conected to the block its on. Using this information you can create a really cool redstone door. 1. Place two sticky pistons four blocks apart. Then place the block of your choice on the pistons. 2.Next you place a redstone torch beside the bottom piston. Then place a block above the torch. The torch gives power to the block which gives power to the piston on top. Repeat this on the other side. Place two pressure plates in front of the blocks connected to the pistons. Place redstone wire underneath the blocks and connect it to the block the redstone torch is on. When you step on the pressure the redstone wire gets power and then deactivates the torch. This will cause the sticky pistons to retract and pull the blocks with them. Repeat this on the other side. Just cover up the redstone and voila, your very on redstone door. This is an AND gate. Both of these torches need to be deactivated.... To activate the front torch. Redstone has millions of uses, so go take what I've taught you and create your of redstone creations! If you want to learn more I suggest you should watch sethblings videos on redstone.
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