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Book Report The Ghost of Graylock Hall

No description

zahul smith

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of Book Report The Ghost of Graylock Hall

The ghost of Graylock hall by Dan Poblocki, Genre: Thriller
Information about the author: He has traveled to new jersey to play the role of Ichabod Crane in a tour of "the legend of the sleepy hollow". He has also done research at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. He has written many different books like "the stone child", "The NIghtmarys", and "the mysterious four series".
Book Report By Zahul Smith
Neil: Adventurous,He was the one who wanted to go to graylock and his sister Bree: nervous, she is always hesitates toward things and is kind of a downer, their friends Wesley: weird,the kids at school call him weird because of the things he is interested in like ghosts, Eric: jerky, because of the way he acts to everyone else.
The Aunts House, Graylock hall,Playground,Dreams,Library, and Doctor office
Theme/Main Idea
I think the main idea to the story is don't be nosy... or else you will end up with trouble. For example: After the gang solved the ghostly mystery Neil ended up almost dying 3 times.
The weak points are very few but, romance, in some parts detail and comedy. The strong points would be Horror, suspense, action,and drama. I suggest teens to adults because there is so much suspense and scary moments that make your heart uncontrollably drop and come back up. Yes i would recommend this book because I LOVE thrillers and the feeling suspense. Also i read the comments on the back and was curious!
Real World Connections
I think this book definitely has a connection to the world because there is a lot of curious people who do stupid things like this because of the curiosity, which is a dangerous thing.
exposition: Neil and bree come from new jersey after the divorce between his mother and father. Rising Action: they enter the abandoned insane asylum of Graylock hall in the town of Hedston when they come back they found out they are being haunted no matter where they go by a ghost named Rebecca smith seeking vengeance and thy're her only hope if achieving it. Climax:They find out that the killer was actually her DAD. The dad knows that they are on to them and tries to KILL them. they get chased back into Graylock Hall. They think they finally lost him when BAM the door slams open and he finds them. Its too much weight and the floor breaks sending neil falling into darkness... Falling action: Bree finds neils body floating in the freezing cold water. She asks to whom she does'nt know for a miracle to happen then she starts sobbing, but Neil soon wakes up after realizing what had happened. Neil hugs his sister as they cry a cry not of sadness but releif as they realized what could of happened. Then when it was done they just walk on home.
Plot Summary
Dan Poblocki. The ghost of Graylock. New York: Scholastic Inc, 2012. Print
Book Review
Out of10 I would give it an 8 because it lacks detail and without detail your book is not going to be good
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