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The Meaningful Conversation

Leadership development

Wendy Biggs

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of The Meaningful Conversation

PERSUASION Authority Logic Emotion Because I said so.... Do it for you Do it for me Do it because it is
the right thing to do Most choices are
driven by emotion The Director The team player The Actor For the director
"You can't control your family history,
but you can control your diet
and eat more heart-healthy foods Your power of persuasion is directly tied to your ability to move someone from his/her unwanted feeling to desired emotional "home" EXAMPLE:
Persuade someone to eat a heart health diet Emotional "Homes"

Director: Control and feel powerful

Team Player: Belong and feel included

Score Keeper: Be right and feel smart

Actor: Be admired and feel important Team Player: There's a support group committed to heart healthy eating - you should join it! Scorekeeper: Keep track of what you eat for 2 weeks and we can review it on your return visit. I know you can get heart healthy eating right! Actor: You are important to so many people and they all want you to stay healthy! Food choices make a difference. Director: You can't control your family history, but you can control what you eat! Decreasing your power of persuasion

Addressing a distasteful issue as fact
Not noticing the competition for attention
Failure to listen to the other person
Keeping the conversation focused on you TELL STORIES MORE THAN QUOTE FACTS KNOW WHICH DIRECTION THE PERSON IS MOVING EMOTIONALLY I : You Ratio Emotions drive motion
You persuade most effectively by helping others achieve their desired feeling state
Tell stories!
Get what you want by helping others get what they want The Psychology
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