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NSS and the Liaison Librarian

No description

Marianne Bamkin

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of NSS and the Liaison Librarian

Are the library and its services good enough for my needs?

Have I been able to access general IT resources when needed to?

Have been able to access specialized facilities, equipment and rooms when I needed to? There are not enough
books on animal welfare and some of
them look really old.
They must be out of
date. I managed to get all
the books on my reading
list, but some of the
links to online articles
didn't work. I find it so hard to navigate
the library catalogue because
I have dyslexia, so I asked my
Subject librarian, and she helped
me get what I wanted for my
assignment. It is busy and really noisy in here, it is so hard to do group work. I should have booked a study room. I really like the
guides about how to use
the Applied Social Science
Index on the VLE, because I
can't get in to the library very often, it is closed when I finish work. I hate citation. I am so pleased that the librarian showed
me how to do it properly because I got more marks for my last assignment. I am really pleased that there are laptop points in the library. Manage the collection Check reading lists Suggest alternative e-resources liaise with academic staff Study spaces Anticipate deadlines Be aware of learning difficulties Extra help with study skills Checking authority Citation skills The children's book collection and topic list is so useful to enhance my lessons. Use the VLE or web-page Citation and writing style guides Templates Be electronically available for advice Accessibility awareness Take resources to the person Publicise the library pop-up libraries library blog and tweets Embed library skills into curriculum Invite staff to teaching sessions Demonstrate new databases to staff Resources for teaching What else can I do to give customer satisfaction? Customer survey
HE teaching qualification
Customer service training
Liaise with subject librarians Library induction tours
Information skills sessions Searching
Electronic information
Classification system
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