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History of Samurai

No description

Andrew Balay

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of History of Samurai

History of The Samurai Who got the Samurai started and how did they git started ? Yoshimitsu a general in the Minamoto family developed a art called Daitoryu Aiki Jujitsu which was used by the Samurai arouned 1100 A.D. The Samurai was started in 1156 when the Minamoto and the Taira clans were at war with each other. Minamoto-no-Yoritomo established his government of samurai in Kamakura in 1192. That started the period when the Samurai ruled Japan. Japan's first military code of law The Joei Code was adopted in 1232. It reflected the profound from court to samurai. What Did The Samurai Do ? The Samurai were mostly military in Japan for most of their existanse. Since they were first introduced in the war between the Minamoto and Taira clans they have been a military power to fear. They wore two swords, the long sword (katana), and the short sword (wakizashi). They were experts in fighting from horseback and on the ground. The early Samurai fought with bow and arrow. They were military all the way up to the 1800s. When Did the Period of The Samurai End, How and Why ? The Samurai stated to come to a end around 1853. When an American commodore, Mathew Perry steamed into Edo Bay. He gave a ultimtum to the emperor demanding the opening of Japan to Western trade. The Emperor didn't immediately accede but the die was cast, Japan was open to Western trade. Finally, in 1868 The Meiji Restoration signaled the end of The Samurai. With public support, The Mriji Emperor did away with The Samuria.
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