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mitosis presentation

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science mitosis

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of mitosis presentation

1st Biology By: Jorge Aguinaga, Zaidi Aleman, Cydnee Lopez, Cloris Palacios and Deyanira Sanchez Prophase Metaphase 1. chromosomes move to the equator of the
cell *G1 Gap 1 cell grows *S1 Replication of DNA *G2 (cell prepales to divide) Mitois By: Deyanira Sanchez, Cydnee Lopez, Cloris Palacios, Zaidi Aleman, Jorge Aguinaga. 1st Period Anaphase Telophase Cytokinesis Proteins and Enzymes Cause of Cancer 1. Spindle disassembled at the poles. 2. The centromeres split and pull the sister chromosomes apart. *Protein Production
*Environment,Sun,Smoking, Virus
*Mutation Cancer is the malignant growth resulting from uncontrolled cell division. 2 sister cells are born right before they separate. 1.Chromosomes make copies of themselves (They Double)

2. Spindle is formed 3. Nuclear Membrane stars to disappear. In telophase the
chromosomes are
cordoned off to the
nuclei of the 2
sister cells At the end of
telophase the
genetic content of
the cell in divided
into 2 equal parts Cell Life Cycle 1. Chromosomes move to the equator of the cell.

2.Spindle attaches to the centromenes.

3.Centriole is the anchor for the spindle. -Differ between plant and animal cells.
-Plants have a plate because of the cell wall. -Failure to make certain enzymes.
-Overproduction of enzymes. -Production of the enzymes at the wrong time. ...Will cause the cell cycle to go out of control. -Protiens -Enzymes
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