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Nomad Foods

No description

John Barlow

on 21 February 2018

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Transcript of Nomad Foods

The Candidate Factory
Caroline Vooght & Liz Harris
Search & Selection
The Candidate Factory
Busting Recruitment Myths – Perception & Reality
‘Open to Opportunities?’
Going for Gold!
The Candidate Factory
Workshop designed to support hiring managers to recruit
We’ll share market insight
We’ll discuss experiences and best practice
We can help you to develop partnerships
And hire the right people, at the right time and before your competition
Busting Recruitment Myths –
‘There are many people who’d like to work here…’
‘Surely an advert will bring the right candidate?’
‘There are plenty of people in the market who can do this job!’
‘Of course candidates will relocate to this area, it’s a great place to live’
‘This is a brilliant place to work’
Busting Recruitment Myths –
The Reality
'The market is candidate driven and there is a growing skills shortage'
Great team, there has been a lot of change in recent years.
‘Great People -
work hard,
smart, polite’
‘Accountability - small team so lots to do
Breadth - experiences are varied
What Your Employees Say About Nomad Foods
Fertile Ground…​Where Do Your Staff Come From?
Who In Nomad Foods Is… ‘Open To Opportunities’
There are over 550 Nomad Foods Europe employees listed on LinkedIn,
based in the UK.

Nearly 250 are active on LinkedIn, and over 130 are actively seeking new roles.
… this figure is likely to be much higher – many individuals aren’t aware of the functionality, or reluctant to use
Will they come to you?
There are 1,500 employees listed for Masterfoods in the UK.
Only 220 are active on LinkedIn and listed as 'Open to Opportunities'
There are 6,000 Mondelez employees listed in the UK.
Over 1,300 are active on LinkedIn
There are over 554 RB employees listed in the UK. 150 are active on LinkedIn, and over 100 are listed as 'Open to Opportunities'
What Candidates Tell Us About The Recruitment Process
Recruitment processes are slow, with unforeseen obstacles and delays
Lack of feedback on CV and after interview – most frustrated by ‘there was another candidate who was stronger’
Testing and assessment centres take considerable time, and can be off putting to some candidates
Lack of clarity on the brief and the role
Going For Gold!
Clearly defined process with predetermined interview dates
Clear job brief and company information
Correct information on the company benefits and package
Use a recruitment or coaching partner to support you
Going For Gold!
Caroline Vooght
18 years recruiting senior level candidates for the Food & FMCG industry

Experience of managing and advising businesses within FMCG on recruitment strategy and process

Liz Harris
20+ years coaching and training across a wide range of sectors

Experience of delivering Selection, Appraisal and Performance Management Interview workshops

About Us
Lean company, very busy. Limited promotion opportunities
Budget and people
cuts mean
increasing stress

‘Be prepared for constant change and challenges’

‘Customer relationships up and down’
This is a sample of the workshop we’d like to run for you and your hiring managers.

Please call us to book your free workshop.

Liz: 07803 678678

Caroline:07730 888491

We look forward to meeting you
Search & Selection
'The rise of counter-offers means that businesses prefer to keep their staff, than go through the process of replacing leavers'
'The demand for candidates is driving salaries upwards, and candidate expectations need to be managed carefully'
'Candidates of calibre are well looked after by their current employers, and are often not actively looking to leave'
What people say about Nomad Foods
Fertile Ground - Accessing the competition
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