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a presentation on TADAO ANDO BY:- Ankush Kumar

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ankush sagar

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of a presentation on TADAO ANDO BY:- Ankush Kumar


Considered a patron of Minimalism but doesn’t compromises with the design
Pure space enveloped in concrete rectangular forms - pure space and simple form
The column has become merely a symbol that addresses culture and history
Extensive use of Concrete and glass in the pure form
Interior of the building are the form itself, ridicules the idea of masking it
Simplified, rectilinear forms and bare, naked concrete walls that define the spaces within
Style- element of Light, Water through concrete and glass

Style and Philosophy:

Sezione longitudinale A-A

Tadao Ando's cylindrical, one-story "Space for Contemplation" in the UNESCO compound, is paved with granite slabs from Hiroshima that were irradiated during the explosion of the H-bomb in August, 1945.

The Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art in the city of Kobe opened in 2001. The sea-facing concrete, stone and glass building, located in Kobe's newly developed waterfront area, is a symbol of recovery in a city which was devastated by the Great Hanshin Earthquake in 1995.

Church of Light

Some other projects:

Azuma House

Special coverage

View from the Lake


Architect: Tadao Ando Committee: local government Location: Tomamu, Hokkaido, Japan Project: 09.1985-04.1988 Completion: 04.1988-09.1988 Structural engineer: Ascoral Engineering Associates Building company: Obayashi Corporation Co. Structure: Reinforced concrete Built area: 344.9 sqm Total area: 520 sqm

Location: Tomamu, Yusutsu County, Hokkaido,              Japan

Japan has a very varied climate for its remarkable development latitude, summer is tropical while winter is cold and rainy. Temperature: Winter -4 ° C, summer 20-21 ° C

Nagaragawa Convention Center

Tadao Ando Langen Foundation Neuss, Germany

Naoshima Contemporary Art Museum and Annex

Internatinal Library of Children's Literature (2002)

Plant cover

Particular cover

Special furnishings


This chair was specifically designed for this church. The chair has a relaxing effect on its user, and echoes the brilliant inspiration of a church that Calls to awaken the senses and brotherhood with nature.

Wooden chairs


North Elevation


The chapel is placed on a mountain plateau central Hokkaido, the coldest region in Japan, where nature is wild.
The entire area, is green from spring to summer, and in winter strips turned into a white expanse.
In plan, the chapel is formed by the overlapping of two squares, one small and one large, and overlooks a pond made by diverting a stream that flows through the vicinity.
A wall independent, L-shaped around the rear of the building and on one side of the pond.
The chapel is entered from the back and along the path approaching the wall.
The murmur of the water takes visitors along the way, without, however, that they see the lake.
After a hundred and eighty degree turn, go up a gently sloping path to reach an area of access to the Chapel is closed on four sides by glass, a kind of container of light.
Traveled to scale curve that leads to the chapel, the visitor finds the view of the lake through the glass wall in front of the altar you can see the expanse of water and a large cross.

Study sketches


Inside View

Detail of the scale, Black granite floor

Inside View Special sessions

Ground floor plan



Waiting room

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