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Rationalism vs. Romanticism

No description

Robin Wood

on 22 November 2016

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Transcript of Rationalism vs. Romanticism

Truth and Meaning
Values feeling over reason
Ways of the World
Places faith in inner experience and the power of imagination
Focus on....
Women's rights
Ending slavery
Child's rights
the Conflict between good and evil
Truth and Meaning
Ways of the World
World operates according to God's rules and through reason, people can discover those rules
Focus on....
Self Determination
Rationalism vs. Romanticism
Things I learned from doing this Prezi
1. look for the little hand to move text boxes
2. use the insert button at the top to insert a photo or image that I have previously saved
Truth is using reason rather than relying on the authority of the past, on religion, or on nonrational ideas such as intuition
Concentration on community and helping others
Finds inspiration in myth, legend, and folklore
Concentration on individuality and personal experiences
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