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Frederic Chopin

No description

Zachery Suttmoeller

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Frederic Chopin

Frédéric Chopin February22/March 1, 1810 Frédéric's father, Mikolaj Chopin, married Justine Krzyanowaska
His first formal musical education was given to him through Adalbert Ziwny, a Czechoslovakian musician.
Chopin was later supported by Prince Antoine Radziwill, through Antoine's support, Chopin was able to a part of the best Polish musical societies. Frédéric was the third out of four children Frédéric's talents as a child was compared to that of Mozart.
At the age of seven, Frédéric composed two polonaises. (a Polish slow dance) First piano lesson Frédéric's first piano lessons where taught by Wojciech Zywny, a professional violinist.
These lessons did not last many years because Chopin surpassed his mentor's expertise. Frédéric's education cont. Frédéric's professor at the Warsaw Conservetory gave him lessons in organ music.
1826- Frédéric studied music theory, figured bass, and composition. 1831 Frédéric moved away from Poland to..... Vienna Piano Concerto in F minor His works included After this performance, Chopin moved back to Vienna for good. This was performed a year after he moved out of Warsaw at the National Theater on March 17, 1830. •27 études
•26 preludes
•21 nocturnes
•20 waltzes
•5 rondos
•4 ballades
•4 impromptus
•4 scherzos
•3 écossaises•3 piano sonatas•2 concerti for piano and orchestra, Opp. 11 and 21 Chopin and his last works. By 1840 Chopin became ill from a previous bout of tuberculosis that left him permanently injured.
Chopin's last work was a Mazurka in F minor in 1849 Chopin lost the battle for his life on Oct. 17, 1849
Some scientists believe that TB wasn't the only cause of Chopin's death.
He was suspected to also have cystic fibrosis and emphysema.
The only way this was known was Frédéric had a fear of being buried alive, so he ordered that he must be cut open to ensure that he is dead before buried.
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