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Another Hunger Games (68th)

This is our Hunger Games project of 4th ESO, where we have had thinked about an alternative story for the Hunger Games book. All the stuff is made by us, the idea of the story and the pictures.

Jordi Orihuela

on 30 June 2013

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Transcript of Another Hunger Games (68th)

Years and years ago, when the 68th Hunger Games were going to start in Panem, there was a big family. The family’s father was the director of the electricity control department of the whole Panem. They lived well.
That day, it was the 2nd day of the Reaping, and it was in districts 8, 7, 6, and finally, in district 5. In the evening, the Capitol train arrived to the district. The Brins were watching it from a privilegiated view, sitted on good seats. There were the father, the son, and the daughter, because the mother was ill.

The Reaping starts. All of the citizens of District 5 became frozen, but not our protagonists:

- Dad, I’m hungry, can you pass me a chicken wing?

- Sure, Marissa!

- Thanks

- I’m hungry too.

- Here you...

-...and the male tribute for
this year is Sergey Brin!

Marissa started to cry. All the people were looking at him, because the family was very knowed. The father acts quickly, he tried to save his son, but all the people had seen it and there was nothing to try. Then, was the femmale tribute turn.

-…Marissa Brin!

The family thought that things couldn’t be worse, but, actually, they were.
It was a chaos, but things in Panem are cruel.
That year the arena was an old deserted town, and the tributes didn’t saw any bag with usefull things, like all the years.Marissa decided to go to the centre of the arena, The Cornocopia, that was located in the church of the town. While this was happening, Sergey ran into the opposite direction and he hid himself in an old house. He found a bag with water, food and a sword. In the Cornocopia there wasn’t anything, all was in the houses, Marissa was looking for soap to made a bomb, but he didn’t found it.

Few days later, there were only eight tributes alive. Marissa was hidding herself all the time, and she didn’t had problems. She was very noiseless and skillful, and she could still some aliments to the opponents. Finally, she found her brother in a garret that Sergey has builded with old furniture in a big house. He had been there all the time, and he was so hungry and weak. When Marissa entered into the garret, Sergey was waiting her, he had heard her, but he didn’t know who she was, so he went to kill her. Luckly, he could stop at time. Marissa started to cry. Both remembered the argue of the night before the games. But in the arena it seemed insignificant. He made her a big hug, but then they agreed to take different ways. But Marissa dind’t know that a tribute from district 1 was following her. The boy hid in a building next to the
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3,2,1,...
The Hunger games were going to start. A few days ago, the tributes were preparing the games, the tributes became very stong. In the marks, Sergey took an 8 and Marissa a 6, the sponsors weren’t interested about them.
The night before the start of the hunger games, the two brothers
had a hard argue between
them, because of the
pressure and stress
of the games.
brothers hideout. When he saw that they weren’t to kill the other, he killed them with two forthright arrows from de window.
It was the tragedy that district 5 will never forget. In the night, two curt cannons sounded in the
Jordi Orihuela, Pol Miranda and Martí Soler
INS Torre del Palau 2012-1013
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