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Animal Farm and the Russian Revolution

British Literature 1984/Animal Farm

shannon fox

on 24 August 2010

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Transcript of Animal Farm and the Russian Revolution

Are you an informed citizen and a conscious consumer? Mr. Jones-----Czar Nicholas II
Poor leader: cruel, uninformed regarding condition of the people,
economy, and hardships
Snowball------Leon Trotsky
Leader of the Bolshevik Revolution
Wanted to improve life in Russiah
Run off by the KGB Napoleon-----Joseph Stalin
Not as educated as Trotsky
Poor Speaker
Cruel; brutal
Killed all who opposed him
KGB Old Major-----Karl Marx and Lenin
Inventors of Communism
Workers of the World Unite
Died before the Bolshevik Revolution Squealer-----Pravda
Stalin's propaganda department
Worked to build Stalin's image
Convinced people to follow Stalin
Sought to keep public ignorant except regarding the good of Stalin
All people are equal
Government owns everything
People own government Animal Farm-----Russia Farm House----Kremlin Battle of the Cowshed-----
Russian Revolution of 1917 Boxer-----Proletariat
Supporters of Marx
Worked hard to achieve communism
Loyal to Stalin though he was a tyrant
Betrayed by Stalin; many slain by his orders Pigs-----Bolsheviks
The brains and leaders of the revolution
Overthrew the Czar and became leaders of a new society Beasts of England-----National Anthem
Inspired the revolution
Later outlawed to prevent rebellion Benjamin-----Skeptics
People who weren't sure the revolution would change everything
Realized that a crazy leader can call himself a communist
Knew that communism wouldn't work
Not really police but enforced supsport for Stalin
Killed entire families for disobedience
Totally loyal
Part of Stalin's power even other army Mollie-----White Russians
Vain Selfish people who didn't care
Thought of self
Went to ther countries that offered more for them Moses-----Religion
Marx says opiate of the people
Used to make people work w/o complaint
Tolerated because people would work
Stalin knew religion would stop violent revolutions
the whip
symbol of oppression
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