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Go Green Program

No description

Galuh Indah Permatasari

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Go Green Program

1. Lead : Udin Tarsudin
2. Galuh Indah Permatasari
3. Nonik Ayustina
4. Novangga Adhitya Permana
Go Green Program
1. Educate students!
2. Recycle and Reuse.
3. Grow a garden , and integrate gardening into the curriculum.
4. Stop Idling.
5. Eat Organic.
6. Conserve Energy.
1. Lack of awareness of the love of the environment.
2. Lack of cooperation to protect the environment.

Kelompok 6
Why we should do this program?
Go green program in the school is very important. Because as we do Go Green program , then we've saved the environment at the school. And when we are studying more comfortable and the environment around us more than beautiful. We can breathe fresh air every morning as well. We can also think clearly if the atmosphere around us fresh.
1. Increase a love of nature among the school community.
2. Increase the awareness stage of the school community about the importance of maintenance of the environment through the Go Green program.
3. Implement mutual cooperation between the members of the school community to grow crops.
4. Increase cooperation between school and society in terms of the environment and create green area
5. Create an atmosphere around the school that loves nature, was always maintain cheerfulness, cleanliness and greenery throughout the school district.
6. Raise awareness about the importance of fresh food from the business itself.
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