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Iceland Presentation

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Joseph Mixon

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Iceland Presentation

by: Joseph Mixon Iceland Information Employment Information Unemployment rate is 4.9% Population of 320,000 in an area of 103,000 km (40,000 square mile).
Language is Icelandic
Currency is the króna (ISK) Culture Rich in arts and entertainment with many successful artists, writers, and film directors.
State religion is the Evangelical Lutheran Church
There is a relative lack of formal marriage There is no set minimum wage but varies depending on company.
Literacy rate is high at 99%
Average years of schooling of adults is 8.8 years
Geography North of the Atlantic covering vast geographical qualities.
Of the 40,000 square miles
620 are cultivated
12,400 are used for grazing,
7,500 are covered by glaciers,
1,900 are covered by lakes,
41,500 are covered by lava, sands, and other wastelands Iceland REI REI Comes
to Iceland! Recreational Equipment Incorporated
Sells various outdoor recreation equipment
Mission Statement: "To ensure that tomorrow's outdoor enthusiasts and conservation stewards reflect the diversity of America."
Benefits to Iceland Economic growth / provide jobs

Few Outdoor Shops in Reykjavik Benefits to REI First International branch
Provides foothold to larger growth
Good geographical area to test international business
Why REI would be successful There is vast outdoor potential
One stop shop for your outdoor needs
Competitive pricing The End.
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