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Bem-Vindos a Portugal

No description

Diana Rita

on 1 November 2014

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Transcript of Bem-Vindos a Portugal

Welcome to Portugal!
Southwest Europe

Border with Spain

Inhabitants: 10 300 000 (aprox. in 2010)

Language: Portuguese (derived from Latin)

Currency: Euro
Lisbon (Capital)
Most populous city: 547 333 inhabitants (2010)

Known as the 7 hills city

Northern Portugal

Worldwide Famous Port Wine
Madeira Islands
"Pearl of the Atlantic"

Worldwide famous Reveillon Party

Regular stop for major ship cruises

Açores (Azores)
Was formed due to vulcanic activity

Highest point of Portugal: Pico Mountain (Alt. 2351 m)

1998 - 2004
D. Afonso Henriques

First king of Portugal

Fought against his mother to declare
the Portuguese kingdom independence
The Discoveries Era
XV - XVII century


After 40 years, dictatorship is ended

Military arrested the Council President
and took over the government

Democracy and freedom are acquired until nowadays
European Union entrance

Together with Spain becomes member of the European Economic Community

This brings huge development to the recent
World exhibition
Big Events
Just a bit of History...
National Monuments
Mosteiro dos Jerónimos
Dated from the XVI century

Took almost 100 years to be finished

Portugal's entrance on the European Union (EEC - 1985) was signed in this building
Torre de Belém
Built on the XVI century

Its purpose was to be a protective fortress for attacks coming in from the river
Templo de Diana
Roman Temple in Évora (100km from Setúbal)

Built in century I a.C.

It´s named after the Roman hunting godess
Palácio da Pena
Situated in Sintra (33km of Lisbon)

Built in 1839 at 500 m altitude

Inspired on the german Bavieran style palaces

Arrábida Mountain, Setúbal
Peneda Gerês National Park, Braga
Parque das Nações, Lisbon
Monsanto - The most Portuguese Village
Food and Traditions
Grilled Sardines
Custard Tarts
Portuguese Stew
Festa de S. João
Lisbon Popular Marches
Academic Tradition
Portuguese Sayings
Portugal. This is it.
Filipa Domingues
Leonor Pité
55 km south of Lisbon

Fishing activity

One of the most beautiful bays in the world

Were we came from
Vielen Dank für Ihre Aufmerksamkeit!
Kiitos kuunteluun!
Bedankt voor het luisteren!
Terima kasih untuk mendengarkan!
Tack för att du lyssnar!
Thank you for your attention!
Bedankt voor jullie aandacht!
Tack för er uppmärksamhet!
Miguel Ramos
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