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Properties of My Element: Oxygen

Description of the properties of the element Oxygen.

Sally McAllister

on 28 April 2013

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Transcript of Properties of My Element: Oxygen

Properties of My Element: Oxygen Symbol: O
Atomic Number: 8
Atomic Mass: 15.9994 Discovered in 1774 in England and Sweden
by Joseph Priestley and Carl Scheele Interesting Facts:
Oxygen in excited states is responsible for the bright red and yellow-green colors of the aurora.
Oxygen is produced primarily by high-mass stars when they fuse helium in oxygen and carbon; this oxygen gets ejected into the galaxy when the star explodes as a supernovae. 3 Physical Properties of Oxygen:
odorless 2 Chemical descriptions of Oxygen
combustible (flammable)
highly active (excitable) Three common compounds containing Oxygen
hydrogen peroxide
bleach Oxygen is used in the real world for patients breathing and in welding.

Oxygen can be found in the atmosphere and in the Earth's crust. Natural state of element: gas
Melting point: 54.8 degree Kelvin
Boiling point: 90.19 degree Kelvin
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