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Learning Preferences (Chapter 1)

No description

Gabrielle Hajduk

on 26 January 2016

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Transcript of Learning Preferences (Chapter 1)

Learning Preferences (Chapter 1)
Learning Preferences & Assessments
1. Warm Up: “Someone you may know” (pg. 1-2)
2. Big Idea: Learning Preferences (pg. 3)
3. Activity: Complete Learning Assessments(pg. 4-12)
TOPIC: Online Assessments
1. Warm Up: Create your engrade account.
- Submit your "Rights & Responsbilities" Reflection via Google Classroom
2. Big Idea: Online Assessments (pg. 13)
3. Activity: Complete Online Assessments at http://cls.syr.edu/cls/index.php
Jung Typology (Briggs Myers) Test
Multiple Intelligences Test
VARK inventory
Kersey Temperment Test
TOPIC: Reflection of Assessments
1. Warm Up: Complete your “Learner Snapshot” (pg. 15).
2. Big Idea: Assessments (CH. 1)
3. Activity: Create an individualized “Learner’s Prescription” based on your learning preferences.
"Someone you
may know"
Read: pages 1-2
Review: What is the situation?
Reflect: Can you relate to this situation? How? Why?
Resolve: What advice would you give to resolve this issue?
Learning Preferences (pg. 3)
Ways you prefer to learn

Use previous academic experiences to:
understand how you learn
define how you can study more efficiently & effectively
Complete Learning Assessments(pg. 4-12) in your notebook.
1. Warm Up: Share your learner's prescription.
2. Big Idea: Portfolio Project (pg. 365-369)
3. Activity: Start creating a model template for Portfolio Page #1 (learning preferences) from learning assessments
Online Assessments
Go to http://cls.syr.edu/cls/index.php, click "Self Assessments" and then click "Online Assessments" and complete the following:
Jung Typology (Briggs-Myers) Test
Multiple Intelligences Test
VARK inventory
Kersey Temperment Sorter

Report & evaluate your results regarding learning modalities, multiple intelligences, and personality. Do you agree or disagree with each result?
Learner's Snapshot
Recreate the Chart on page 15
Summarize your "learning strengths" & your "learning shortcomings".
Describe yourself as if you were writing a personal ad looking for a study buddy under "This is my Ad."
Articulate your results of your "learner snapshot" by comparing the results of your assessments & your summation.
Create an individualized
“Learner’s Prescription” based
on your learning preferences.

Be creative!!!
Review requirements
for portfolio page #1.
Activity: Create a model template for Portfolio Page #1 (learning preferences) from yesterday's assessments.
Ms. Hajduk's Results
Jung Typology = ENFJ

Multiple Intelligence Test =
Bodily-Kinesthetic: 36
Logical/Math: 32
Interpersonal: 32
Spatial/Visual: 29
Intrapersonal: 28
Linguistic: 26
Musical: 23

VARK inventory = KRVA

Kersey Temperment = ESFJ (provider)
Learning Preferences (Chapter 1)
Assessments (in-text & online)
Resources (in-text & online)
Reflection (Snapshot & Prescription)
Portfolio #1
Finish Portfolio #1 from Learning Preferences
(due Monday- submit via Google Classroom)
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