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Shelby Starks

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of JESUS

04/03 A.D.
12/25/6 B.C.
He was arrested, beaten, and nailed to a cross after the Jewish leaders handed Him over for a death sentence at the approval of the Roman leader Pilate.
& Ascension
The New Testament records on multiple occasions that the tomb was empty on the third day and that many eyewitnesses claimed to see Jesus alive again.
04/06 A.D.
Birth of Jesus
Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary in the city of Bethlehem
This event marked the beginning of his public ministry
At least 35 miracles by Jesus are recorded in the New Testament. He healed the sick, the blind, and lepers. On three occasions, he raised individuals from the dead. He also showed power over nature, including stopping a storm and walking on water.
Today there are a total of 2.1 billion Christians in the world, who knows what this total could be now if potential world peace resulting from agreement on religion could have been obtained.
The New Testament records people's amazement at the teachings of Jesus.

After 40 days, Jesus ascended into the sky with the promise that He would return again.
Major Religious Wars
Lebanese Civil War : 1975-1990
250,000 casualties
Second Sudanese Civil War : 1983-2005
2,000,000 casualties
Crusades : 1095-1291
3,000,000 casualties
Nigerian Civil War : 1967-1970
3,000,000 casualties
French Wars of Religion : 1562-1598
4,000,000 casualties
Thirty Years War : 1618-1648
11,500,000 casualties
Historical Background
Differences in Communication
Much of the knowledge of Jesus’s words and deeds depended on oral tradition. Many historians believe that writing was restricted to government and religious circles and would not have occurred among the lower class during the time of Jesus. Writing was done by trained specialists and reading required an advanced education.
In contrast, in today's society the adult literacy rate of the world is 84.1% and in virtually all developed countries a literacy rate of 99% exists. Furthermore, 75% of the world now has access to mobile phones and 40% of the world has access to the internet.
Modern Factors
Due to Globalization, there exists a "shrinking world" because of the increased communication of society on a global scale.
If the world had been more interconnected, Jesus' message would have spread quicker and included proof of his existence.
Cell phones in the time of Jesus would have resulted in the increased speed and distance of communication. Instead of word of mouth, people could have communicated over long distances and helped Jesus and his followers spread his message.
Video cameras could have documented the life of Jesus and the miracles he performed. The documented evidence could have caused more people to believe in his existence and his teachings.
Social media would have allowed Jesus to reach the masses with his teachings. The people who shared similar beliefs could have collaborated and communicated more effectively and on a larger scale.
...which would be the equivalent of removing more than the entire current population of Australia.
In actuality, this number is misleading because it doesn't take into consideration the numerous smaller wars that took place due to religion and the potential boost in population that would have occurred throughout the proceeding generations.
Total number of casualties from the major religious wars involving disputes over Christianity was 23,750,000
With that significant portion of population lost, who knows what inventions and technologies could have been created by the almost 24 million killed or the families that could have been created by them.
Modern Day Impact
The significant amount of money that was spent towards the holy wars could have been put towards development, innovation, and growth.
The time spent dedicated to fighting about religion could have been put towards the progression of the globe technologically.
>amount of minds collaborating
>fewer deaths caused by holy wars
>money saved over religious differences
>potential inventions produced
>really, who knows what other possibilities?

Author's Note:
We did not intend for any material in this prezi to be offensive or discriminative. We were only viewing Jesus' existence and teachings hypothetically for the sake of this prezi.
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