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Welcome to the Annual Title 1 Parent Meeting

No description

Richelle Rybinski

on 1 October 2018

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Transcript of Welcome to the Annual Title 1 Parent Meeting

Welcome to the Annual Title I Parent Meeting - Allendale Public School
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Definition of Title I
Title I provides federal funding to schools to help students who need assistance in meeting grade level standards.
Title I funds are designed to provide educational supplements, and targets children who are most at risk of failing to meet the State's content objectives.
Targeted Assistance School
Allendale is a Targeted Assistance School
Only schools with a poverty rate of 40% or more may operate as a school wide program
The school must target students with clear entrance and exit criteria
The school must use funds for programs that provide services to eligible children
The school must maintain documentation of funding expenditures related to students
The current funding amount for our district is..... $128,774.00
Planning Team
A planning team is created by administrators, literacy specialists, teachers, and parent advocates to oversee the data that is collected, to allocate funds for programs and staff, and to encourage parental involvement with the district. You are welcome to participate!!

Main objective
: Ensure core academics and best practice instruction.

We were audited not too long ago, and we passed with flying colors!
Identification Process

1. Administer school-wide screening tools for student placement and teacher guidance
2. Hold academic data meetings at each grade level to analyze language arts and math progress of students, and analyze other core content areas
3. Provide supplemental materials to reach the needs of learners (intervention programs)
4. Differentiate instruction for all performance levels of students
DIBELS (Dynamic Indicator of Basic Early Literacy Skills) - Grades K-1
Fountas & Pinnell Benchmark Assessment - Reading - Grades K-5
STAR Assessment - Reading and Math - K-5
Delta Math Screener - small group instruction
Classroom performance assessments
Grade Level Common Assessments
Curriculum and Instructional Strategies
Intervention lessons - daily
Ready Gen ELA curriculum
Math Expressions curriculum
Next Gen Science curriculum
MC3 - Michigan Citizenship curriculum
Common Core Standards - classroom based and reinforced
Various computer programs within the classroom and additional lab based opportunities
Proficiency Levels
Each grade level has benchmark goals in
English language arts and math that are
established by school wide screeners. Assessment information has been provided for you this evening.

Assessments are given either by an instructor
or they are computerized.

Parent Involvement Policy
Our district has a Parent Involvement Policy to encourage the partnership between family and school. The policy is available on the district website and available tonight. The policy reflects commitment to:
Building relationships with families
Communicating effectively with families
Providing volunteer opportunities
Providing families with "Learning at Home" strategies
Involving families in decision making
Collaborating with the community

Home/School Compact
Parents are given the Home/School Compact
at the fall conferences and teachers share the
content. The compact is available for you to see tonight.

The compact outlines expectations from the
parent/guardian, child, and teacher. It reinforces the importance of academic achievement and collaboration between the family and school.
Parent's Right to Know
Parents will be informed about progress through report cards, progress reports,
assessment reports, &
parent teacher conferences.

Information letters and discontinuation
letters are sent home to keep you informed
about your child's progress.

Parent Involvement Opportunities
Volunteer in the classroom
Participate in field trips or classroom activities
Participate in school-wide fundraisers
Attend parent education meetings (TBD)
Participate in School Improvement Teams
Participate in Title I decision making
Decision Making/Meetings
Decision making involves:
School Improvement Team
Title I Meetings
PTO Meetings
District wide and building surveys
Parent liaison contact - Kari Wiersma
You have the right to request a meeting involving decisions about your child's education.
Contact Information
Dr. Garth Cooper
- District Office - 892-5570
Doug Bol
- Oakwood Int. - 892-3475
Beth Voss
- Oakwood Int. - 892-3475
Rinard Pugh
- Evergreen Elem. - 892-3470
Tamika Henry
- Evergreen Elem. - 892-3465
Richelle Rybinski
- Evergreen - 892-3470
Kari Wiersma
- Parent Liaison - 892-3465
Daily Intervention Schedule
Daily 30 minute block for each grade level for ELA and math
Teachers and paraprofessionals teach small groups in ELA and math
In reading groups, students are grouped by reading level and focus area
Students are included in math intervention groups based on proficiency of math standards.
Reading Aloud to Your Child
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