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Jack the Ripper

No description

Scott Buteyn

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Jack the Ripper

Jack The Ripper Intro who is Jack ? who is he? What did he do? And how did he affect society? The murders toke place in The East side of London.

Women turned to prostitution to feed families. Jack kills with a quick slash to the throat

All his victims were prostitutes Friday, 31st of August 1888 (Mary Ann Nichols) Her throat was cut and her body mutilated. Saturday, 8Th September 1888 (Annie Chapman) Her throat was cut and several internal organs were missing. Sunday, 30Th September 1888 (Elizabeth stride and Catherine Eddowes) died the same day with same wounds like the past victims. Sunday, 9Th November 1888 (Mary Jane Kelly) mutilated almost beyond recognition and her heart was cut out. Theory 1
London police believed it was Aaron Komiski a surgeon from Poland.
Asylum records said he was insane and hated prostitutes.
During 1888 he was released and he wondered the streets.
He was a main target because he would carry a knife, seemed treating, and had hatred to women. How did he affect society? And opposing veiwpoints. Newspapers at the time made jack a media figure worldwide. The name Jack the Ripper gave him fame. The name came from a letter that Jack wrote to a local news service. Police were being criticized because they could not catch Jack the ripper. The Jack the ripper has inspired many books, plays, films, music, and games. what did Jack do? Theory 2
London detectives say it was Dr. Frances Tumblety from Canada.
He had been arrested for attempting an abortion on a 17 year old prostitute.
He is guilty for manslaughter for one of his patients.
He had a strong hatred to women because his ex wife was a prostitute.
He would have parties with no woman guest, and show all his friends his collection of vagina's in jars. Connection: Ever since i was kid I've been captivated by mystery and supernatural things. Scott Buteyn Special Phrases- White chapel East side of London:was the ghetto of the time. Conclusion: Jack the ripper is one of the most brutal and famous serial killers who still remains a mystery. Future Study: i would look into the Jack the Ripper tour walk. Sources
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