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1950's~ The Age of Conformity

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Celia Knieff

on 8 April 2011

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Transcript of 1950's~ The Age of Conformity

The Age of Conformity How did the culture of the Nation change in the 1950's? Some women began taking jobs outside of the home.
The more income people began to have the more they wanted to spend. People had the mentality that they had to have the newest thing in the market.
This generation became the most educated in American History.
A psychologist named Dr. Spock became a huge influence in parenting. He believed that parents needed to be less strict. The Nuclear Family Shows like "Father Knows Best" best displayed the Nuclear family. The idea of the Nuclear family was that everyone had their place. The children went to school and obeyed their parents. The mother was the homemaker and the father, the breadwinner. The Role of Women The women of the 1950's had two jobs mainly. To be a housewife and obey men. Women now had the opportunity to work after WWII, because they had enjoyed working in place of men during the war. Suburbia Here's a clip from Edward Scissorhands The movie, Edward Scissorhands is a good example of how 1950's suburbia shaped American culture. In the movie he gets a first hand glimpse of what life is like in Suburbia During the 1950's there was a migration away from the cities to the suburbs. The suburbs offered a chance for people who had families or were potentially going to have children, to raise them in a safe environment and a create a community with the other families. The suburbs were housing developements created outside of the cities for the middle class families. The schools were better than inner city schools and the area was full of baby boomers. The Beats were a group of writers that formed after WWII. Central elements of "Beat" culture included experimentation with drugs and alternative forms of sexuality, they had an interest in eastern religion and believed in the rejection of materialistic things. The Beat Generation had many followers who were involved in poetry and music that thought away from the traditional values that things like the Nuclear Family offered. Young adults made up this group. As previously mentioned the show Father Knows Best
best exemplified the Nuclear Family and conformity. Movies like Father of the Bride showed the typical family and the way that families all deal with similar issues. Most movies during this era wanted to appeal to the family because most activities outside of the home were family activities including going to the movies. conformity in Music, Movies and TV Conclusion Some people rejected this life style and those people sometimes were referred to as.... Music during the 1950's ranged from the safe to the extreme. The older generations listened to more mellow stuff while the younger generations preferred to push the envelope. The newest up and coming music was Rock and Roll. This symbolized for many parents, the end of the safe suburban life and beginning of rebellion.
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