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Arguments in favour of Corporate Social Responsibility

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Valeriia Horobets

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Arguments in favour of Corporate Social Responsibility

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Plan
1. Idea of CSR.
2. Arguments in favor of CSR, perfomed by the company.
3. The situation in Ukraine. The positive impact of CSR.
Arguments in favour of Corporate Social Responsibility 1. Idea of CSR. The idea of corporate social responsibility (CSR), allows us to rethink the relationship wich has established between business and society, making them more constructive. The concept of "corporate social responsibility" came into use almost in all major companies of the world, because it improves their competitiveness in the market. 1) Companies are taking corresponding measures for solving problems that most concern community of the region, where they, do business. 2) Companies are successfully integrated with a mission, values, products, or services of the company. For example, Levi Strauss was one of the first to cooperate with people of San Francisco, having organized a campaign to prevent the spread of HIV / AIDS (The Human Immunode ficiency Virus/ Acquired immunodeficiency Syndrome) . For example, in the mission of AT & T Wireless a vision of a world, was announced in which wireless connections bring people together and give them access to information. For many years, the company have been giving wireless phones to the employees of American Red Cross – it’s long-standing partner. 3) By achieving their business goals , companies make significant contribution to saving the environment. Thus Starbucks, supports the idea of growing coffee in plantations contributes to the protection of the environment and at the same time provides a long-term supply of high-quality coffee; 4) Companies represent a constant interest for the employees, current and potential customers, investors. For example potential customers of Silk Soymilk may be encouraged to buy due, to the fast that company has fully adopted the use of wind energy. 1. Welfare as a norm. In the present day Ukraine companies often do charity. Charity often stands to social responsibity. The downside is that such actions do not always provide solutions to the most pressing issues. 2. More attention to preservation of the environment. Thus, the giant of domestic power system DTEK entered the market of alternative energy, creating a subsidiary DTEK WindPower and starting build a major wind plants farm in Zaporozhye region. Brewery "Obolon" is experimenting with processing of PET bottles with plastic tape, and other useful products. 3. Development of sectoral and cross-sectoral partnerships and initiatives. Thus, KSM (Keptal Systems Management) cooperates with British Council in the development of a new type of professional standards in the group key industry of: mining and metallurgy, power system, journalism. A "Metinvest" DTEK "Rusal", "Danone" cooperate with the presence in the areas of short-term programs. 4. Forming a "business-government-society" triangle. For example: multilateral council to develop a preliminary version of a national strategy on CSR, that working in 2009-2011 and initiated by the Global Contract of UNO(The United Nations ) in Ukraine. Counsil has developed a document that aims to institutionalize conection between the government, business and society for attracting more companies to responsible business operation strengthening a new model of cooperation for deciding guestion of social importance. 5. Professionalization of the industry CSR. More than 30 universities have a course on CSR as one of the options for the level of bachelor in "Economics" and "Management of Organizations." Thank's for you attention =)
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