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Religion 2- Parables pt. 3

Rich Man and Lazarus/ Treasure in the field/ Prodigal Son/Lost Sheep

Adrinna Beltre

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Religion 2- Parables pt. 3

Religion 2- popular parables Rich man and Lazarus let's read: Luke 16:19-31 The rich man's clothes were purple

purple signifies royalty or a priest what do priests have to do with anything? well Jesus happened to be talking to the very proud, mean priests. But there's more. He was also talking to Israelites Israelites were supposed to be the priests of all nations
The rich man ate a feast of food
- remembering parables are symbolic- Israel had a spiritual feast of knowledge available to them Instead of being spiritual leaders, they became: self-righteous
racists against gentiles
didn't really love their Creator anymore The Point:
nothing to do with Heaven or hell (it's all symbolic!)
tells people that the Kingdom of Heaven will be open to Jews and Gentiles
Lazarus (poor man) had so little, but he rested on Abraham's bosom
In the Middle Eastern culture this means that you are accepted by the host.
Abraham was the father of the Israelites.
So generally this is saying that the (poor) Gentiles can be considered children of God just like Abraham's kids (the Jews)
If taken literally, it would make no sense The Prodigal Son Let's read Lk. 15: 11-32 Characters:
Rich Dad
Bad Son (prodigal)
Good Son Rich Dad- Like God he gives his children the freedom to make their own choices Bad Son- Like many people doesn't want to listen to God.
Go out and live their own life away from God
Bad things happen usually
They are not happy PigSty- Represents horrible place spiritually-truly unhappy Reunion- God accepts us back to Him and forgives 100% with His great love Good Son- Some people who stay loyal to God think it's not fair, The Point: God will always love you and accept you back to Him, even if you make mistakes. The Ten Virgins Let's read Matthew 25:1-13 Characters:
The Five Wise Virgins
The Five Foolish Virgins
The Bridegroom Symbols:
The wedding
Outer darkness The Five Wise Virgins- Represent God's people
who ask for the Holy Spirit when things get bad The Five Foolish Virgins- Represents God's people who don't ask for the Holy Spirit when things get bad. T The Bridegroom- Represents Jesus The Wedding: Represents Jesus' second coming Lamp- represents the spirit of man oil- represents the Holy Spirit who gives
people wisdom and help to follow God Outer darkness- eternal death: this will happen to those
who don't have a relationship with Jesus. The Point: It's not enought just to believe in God.
We have to have a real relationship with Him because
when He comes, He's looking for those who know Him.
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