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Informal Reports

What is an informal report? What are the different types of informal reports? How can they be used in the workplace, for a research project, etc.?

Rene Santiago

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of Informal Reports

Overall For every formal report, there are countless informal reports.

Informal reports can be about any topic.

Do not require much planning.

Can be prepared quickly.

Contain little or no background information.

Do not contain cover pages, glossaries, table of contents, etc.

Usually take the form of memos. Overview Informal Reports Informal and Formal Reports
Types of Informal Reports
Class Questions Informal and Formal Reports Types of Informal Reports Informational Reports
What we're doing now...
What we did last month...
What our survey found...
In our last meeting...

Progress Reports
Trip Reports
Meeting Minutes Questions Can informal reports be written on many topics? If so, provide an example.

What is the difference between informational and analytical reports?

Besides the Meeting Minutes report, what is another type of informational report? Reports Formal Reports Informal Reports Not frequently written
Usually written after finalizing an important step in a project.
Longer in length Frequently written (e.g., weekly work reports)
Day to day, asked-basis.
Shorter in length Analytical Reports
What this information means for us...
We should carry on by...
We are recommending this because...

Feasibility Reports
Recommendation Reports
Peer Review Reports References Lannon, J., & Gurak, L. (2010). Technical communication. (12th ed., pp. 516-534). Longman. Informal Reports in the Workplace "In a large corporation [...] informal reports keep vital day-to-day information moving along."

- Elaine Hering
Division Chief for Auto-parts Supplier
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