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ToK - Faith as a Way of Knowing

When faith is used as a basis for knowledge...

Pranav Reddy

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of ToK - Faith as a Way of Knowing

ToK - Faith as a way of knowing
Knowledge Issue:
How dependable is faith as a way of knowing?
Real Life Situation
*Ideas of beauty have changed over time, hence there is no concrete concept of beauty.
Using faith in Ethics
Jihadis, when they receive their training, are implanted with the misleading faith that God will promise them paradise as a reward for acts of martyrdom.
Ways of knowing
Sense Perception
Areas Of Knowledge
By Tanzeel and Pranav
- The concept of "human flourishing"

- A valuable moral compass
Counter Argument
* What about faith in cultures that are not ethnically right?

Satanism and Jihad -> leading to fundamentalism and extremism
Counter Claim
*Some individuals from centuries ago are still considered beautiful. Ideals of beauty have therefore not changed drastically over time.
Sub-Knowledge Issue
*Who decides what is beautiful?
*A person's face is considered attractive when it is in line with the Golden Ratio.
Counter Claim
*Despite the Golden Ratio, some don't find perfect faces beautiful.
Sub-Knowledge Issue
To what extent are physical features indicators of beauty? How does personality play a role?
Other Real Life Situations
*Eating disorders among teenagers as a result of the media's influence.
*Fashion Competitions (Miss America etc.) that promote certain ideas of beauty.
*Ideas of beauty can be assessed through different perspectives, from different WOKs and can mean different things in different AOKs.

*Therefore, the media's influence on our perceptions of beauty is complex and can be linked to different factors such as scientific theories and personal beliefs.
*To what degree does our cultural background shape our perceptions of beauty?
Reason and faith contradict each other .
Sense Perception
Reason is the reason we don't blindly accept anything the media presents, as beautiful.
Human Sciences
Counter Claim
The Matching Hypothesis (H. Reis & S. Sprecher) and attraction.

Factors such as wealth and resoursefulness
influence perceptions of attractiveness.
Does the media construct ideals of beauty, or are these ideals based on pre-existing beliefs?
Something to think about...
People are also attracted to those who may not be wealthy/resourcefull or young and attractive
Human Science : Psychology

Reason is strictly based on explanations or justifications, but faith requires a belief that is not based on truth.
Jihadis are trained to disregard reason and highly regard their faith in jihad
Jihadi trainers
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