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Bounty -vs- Scott Paper Towels

No description

Emily Nester

on 28 September 2013

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Transcript of Bounty -vs- Scott Paper Towels

Paper Towels

Step 1
For my presentation I will come to the conclusion to see which is a better paper towel
. First I will gather the needed materials such as:
-1 sheet of Bounty paper towel.
-1 sheet of Scott paper towel.
-2 penny's.
Now lets see what is inside of both of the materials.
Step 2
Lets take a closer look into the Bounty and Scott paper towels:

This brand is made out of wood pulp, Resin, paper sheets, fibers and the trees that are mainly pine and spruce types.
While the other brand has....

This brand is only made out of one substance which is just pulpwood.
For this experiment only one sheet of both will be used.
Step 3
For this test i think Bounty will make a better paper towel. I think this because Bounty absorbs more water. Now lets put this....To The Test =D

As you could tell from the photos (from the previous slide) that the Bounty paper towels were stronger then Scott. this proves my hypothesis was right =D!!
This is the before picture of my experiment...........
Step 4
I'm Down
As you can see the Bounty paper towel
stayed together.
By Emily Nester
Period 6
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