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Spiderman Prezi

No description

Jessica casale

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Spiderman Prezi

By Dylan The Green Goblin attacks the Daily Bugle Mary-Jane Watson
His aunt May His best Friend; Harry Osborn After the defeat of the Green Goblin, Peter continues to fight crime as Spider-Man but cannot let anyone know his secret identity. Dylan is awesome! Everyday World Unknown World The Call to Adventure Supernatural Aid The Road of Trials Temptation of the Hero A Child of Destiny Refusal of the Call Allies Final Confrontation Apotheosis ! Yes, Yes we are The Ultimate Reward The point in Peter Parker's life when he is given notice that everything is going to change is the day after he is bitten by the genetically modified spider at the university. He starts to gain superpowers that a spider would have like being able to shoot webs, strength, fast reflexes and agility. The Green Goblin attacks the Daily Bugle and kidnaps Spider-Man. He then tries to tempt Spider-Man into joining him, saying eventually he will be hated by society. The final confrontation between Spider-Man and the Green Goblin starts at the bridge, where Spider-Man must choose between saving Mary Jane or a tram full of children. After that, he fights the Green Goblin in an abandoned building. By Dylan By Dylan Meeting with the Goddess After saving hostages at the bridge he fights the Green Goblin in an abandoned building Spider-Man meets the Green Goblin at the bridge Peter Parker is bitten by the genetically modified spider Spider-Man's first trial has him wrestling for money. Crossing the Return Threshold By Jessica By Gabriel Peter Parker parents are dead so he is raised by his aunt and uncle Peter first enters the field of adventure when he hunts after the man who killed his Uncle. By Gabriel by Andrew By Gabriel Uses his powers to enter into wrestling tournament
Thief steals money, allows thief to escape.
Later discovers his Uncle Ben has been shot dead. By Jessica By Jessica He is bullied at his high school Uncle Ben
Aunt May "With great power comes great responsibility" Ben Parker The Crossing of the First Threshold Spider man realizes that he has to protect the city and sacrifice the needs of him self for the needs of others He tells Mary Jane they have to be friends because he doesn't want his secret identity to put her life in danger. By Andrew He starts gaining spider powers They are also in debt Aunt May brings out Peter's feminine side in the scene where she is hospitalized. The End.

Thank you for
listening. His reward would be that he gained a new view on the world around him His next trials deal with stopping crime in the city. His most important test happens when he first fights the Green Goblin. He becomes Spider-man He tries to convince Spider-Man to join him Wins Mary Jane's affection. When Mary Jane moves to the city what job does she take? A: Waitress
B: Actress
C: Photographer What is on Aunt May's bedside table at the hospital? A: Water
B: A Photo of Ben, Peter, and herself
C: A Book Aunt May helps Peter make better decisions The Green Goblin dies By Jessica Andrew This way to Trivia By: Dylan Chua
Gabriel Schiller
Jessica Casale
Andrew Upmeier How did that get in here? Work Total 29% 26% 25% 20% Dylan Gabriel Jessica Andrew Extras Quote by Gabriel Last point by Gabriel Last point by Gabriel
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