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Chief Executive Officer

No description

jose vera

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Chief Executive Officer

What do you need to study in college to
become a CEO ? To become a CEO you need to have a bachelor's degree. You also need to have knowledge to the type of work that you are going to do. You also have to be a creative person to have this job and the most important part of this you have to be responsible. You have to be on top of everything and you have to deal with hiring and firing people. The future of the company depends on you. Chief Executive Officer How much do rookies and seniors get
paid? The normall salary for a CEO is about 300,000 dollars. per year.

http://www.payscale.com/research/US/Job=Chief_Executive_Officer_(CEO)/Salary What industries have this job? http://www.scribd.com/doc/495381/List-of-CEO-of-Top-Business-Companies This are What skills do you need to
Obtain this job? To obtain this job you have to have a certain amount of
practice and you also have to be able to have control of the job. You also hav to had experience and like i said before you also have to already done the job. FAMOUS CEO'S One of the most famous CEO's is donald trump as you may now He is ne of the worlds best CEO's and he has his own show that is on public t.v.
Steve Ballmer Is the CEO of the company you may now wich I now that most f the X-Box fans like and this company is Microsoft inc.
Jerry Yang is another famous CEO and this company is the yahoo inc Why did I pick this job? I picked this job because I think that this is one of the coolest jobs and this is also one of the best paid jobs in a corporation like Google and Yahoo. I also picked this job because if you have this job you are the leader of the company and you prety much the boss of the whole entire company. You are your own boss and no one can tell u what you can and can't do. Job description .Executive AssistantGlobal operations, fast paced environment, rapid growth industryOur company is a rapidly growing venture capital backed Clean Tech Company headquartered in San Diego seeking an Executive Assistant to join our world-class team.The selected candidate will be an analytical and intuitive problem-solver, a highly organized and detail-oriented planner, a natural multi-tasker, and an e...View Full Job Description
Full Time
5+ to 7 Years
Experienced (Non-Manager)
Some College Coursework Completed
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