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CSO Executive Board Orientation 2015-2016

Florida International University- Council for Student Organizations

Diana Chavez

on 10 November 2018

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Transcript of CSO Executive Board Orientation 2015-2016

Florida International University
CSO Executive Board Orientation
Spring 2017

Spring 2017
Welcome to the CSO
Executive Board Orientation

CSO 2016 -2017 Academic Year
Orientation Agenda
1:00 PM
Welcome & Introductions
Campus Life & Important Policies
1:30 PM
Campus Partners
Campus Life Resources
GC Resources
2:00 PM
CSO Policies and Procedures
CSO Weekly Bulletin
3:00 PM - Breakout
Not Funded groups dismissed
3:15 PM Funding
4:00 PM Point System
4:45 PM - Questions
5:00 PM RoarSync Training

Contact Information

Marissa Lucchesi
- Assistant Director, Campus Life malucche@fiu.edu
Stephanie Fajre
– Graduate Coordinator, Campus Life sfajre@fiu.edu
Executive Board
Maria Martinez – President
Arlet Hernandez – Vice President
Sadiq Bhadmus - Treasurer
Vacant - Finance Coordinator
Adrianna Dillon - Marketing Director
Pranjal Nautiyal – Secretary
Lorena Garcia– Events Director
Bianca Pino – Graduate Assistant
Marissa Lucchesi- Advisor
Ayana Wilson – Advisor
By: Sadiq Bhadmus & Maria Martinez
CSO Funding
Campus Life & Policies
By: Marissa Lucchesi and Ayana Wilson
Campus Partners
Campus Life
Campus Life
Adviser Training
January 23, 24, and 25 : REQUIRED once a year for all advisers.
Grade Checks
Presidents must have at least a 2.5 GPA
Department of Campus Life
Taneem Ali-Qureshi, Office Coordinator
Forms Submitted to Campus Life
Only Travel File for Funds submitted to the Campus Life Office
Must have all required documentation/signatures
Must be submitted at least 6 weeks prior travel for approval

Registration Updates
All organizations MUST submit each semester
Constitution/Bylaws must be chapter not national (utilize sample constitution)
Contact information should be FIU, not personal email
Adviser must approve packet
Student Organizations MMC/BBC
Organizations cannot be recognized by more than one council/department funded by SGA
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Cannot give out general student emails
When organizations send out emails, please place all email addresses in the ‘BCC’ Line
Only E-board members should be sending OrgSync messages to members in their organization portal
Council Partners
Frost Art Museum
Global Learning
Center for Leadership and Service
Multicultural Programs & Services
Student Government Association
Individual Travel funds (recognition, graduate student research)
Student Programming Council
Borrowing request
Black Student Union
To promote your event in the Graham Center visit
Become knowledgeable on the requirements, formats and policies for submitting content. Forward your requests to gc@fiu.edu or contact the GC IT Department at 305-348-0024 for additional information.

SGA covers room fees for the Ballrooms, Panther Suite, GC 243 and Faculty Club for the first 8 reservations during Fall and Spring semesters for CSO organizations. The Summer semester is NOT covered by SGA.
Campus Life Publications
CSO publications Order Form
Minimum 3 week submission
Contact Information:
Danny Plana
dplana@fiu.edu - GC 2243
Publications Payment Procedures
All CSO Organizations  must have submitted and had approved a file for funds before an order is placed.
Outside payments can only be made buy using (Organization Bank Accounts / Checks or Organization Credit Card).
Deadline to submit new publications design requests for the fall semester is
March 24th
Graham Center Reservations
Reservation requests will be accepted from
E-board members per organization. Contact information (i.e. name, PID, title, email and phone number) must be provided to the GC Event Planning Office by the beginning of the semester or as soon as you receive your approval letter from CSO.

Reservations for spaces outside and adjacent to GC (Chapman Plaza, GC Lawn, PC Steps, DM Amphitheater, and Fountain) must be reserved and approved in GC 1210 at least (2) weeks prior to the event date.

Special Events (e.g. visiting dignitaries, controversial forums or movies, VIP lectures, etc.) requiring Public Safety, coordination with Parking & Transportation or other university departments must be approved in GC 1215 at least (2) weeks prior to event.To promote your event in the Graham Center visit

To promote your event in the Graham Center visit http://grahamcenter.fiu.edu/marketing_your_event.aspx. Become knowledgeable on the requirements, formats and policies for submitting content. Forward your requests to gc@fiu.edu or contact the GC IT Department at 305-348-0024 for additional information.
Graham Center Reservations
CSO Registration & Calendar
By: Stephanie Fajre, Arlet Hernandez, and Adrianna Dillon
Commencement Book Names
Submit names of Spring graduating seniors through the CSO OrgSync Portal Form:
Honor Societies Only
Deadline for name submission: February 17th
Completed registration requirements and were recognized by CSO previous semester
Did not complete registration the previous semester (1)
First time registering with CSO or have not been recognized for two consecutive semesters (2)
Registration Types
Graham Center Reservations
CSO General Meetings
Upcoming Events
Requirements for Recognition
Honor Societies Commencement Info
Advisor training must be completed at least once a year.

Training in the SORC Office and then turn in Spring Registration Packet in CSO RoarSync Portal. Only current e-board officers may submit the registration packet
Organization's advisor must be a
full time
faculty or staff member on MMC or Engineering Campus
New and Re-Established Organizations must submit a new organization request form and receive approval to submit registration.
Organization constitution/bylaws
include all CSO required articles
Must update
portal with current officer and advisor information. Recognition letters will not be sent without this being completed
Have a minimum of 10 currently enrolled FIU student members in your

Portal and at least 51% must attend MMC/Engineering Campus including:
1. President (
2.5 GPA
2. CSO Representative
3. Treasurer
4. President and Treasurer cannot be the same person.
Attend Executive Board Orientation
CSO Funding & Recognition deadline is
January 11th at 5pm
Make sure you provide the correct contact information. You will be held responsible for any lack of communication due to providing wrong information.
Benefits of Recognition
Ability to reserve rooms on campus for the academic year (Fall and Spring/Summer).
Access to RoarSync and an Organization RoarSync portal
Access to resources available in the Student Organization Resource Center
Access to university funding and special allocations through the CSO points system.
Please note: Organizations that register in the Fall, need to register again in the Spring.
There is no minimum point requirement to be met by organizations in order to be recognized by the Council for Student Organizations.
The Points System is only for student organizations who want to receive CSO Special Allocations.
CSO Meet & Greet
Leadership Development Series
Ethical Leadership
Sep.2nd, 12:00-1:30 PM, GC 314
I <3 My Campus: FIU Traditions
Sep. 16th, 12:00-1:30 PM, GC 314
Bystander Intervention Training
Sep. 23rd, 6:00 PM, Panther Suite
Social Justice 101
Oct. 14th, 12:00-1:30 PM, GC 314
Exam Prep for Student Leaders
Nov. 6th, 12:00-1:30 PM, GC 314
Women's Empowerment on Campus
Nov.12th, 12:00-1:30 PM, GC 314

January 17th, 2017- GC 140 @ 3:30pm
February 21th, 2017 – GC 140 @ 3:30pm
March 28th, 2017 – GC 140 @ 3:30pm
April 11th, 2017- GC 140 @3:30pm
One Student can represent maximum 2 Organizations per meeting and must stay for the duration of the meeting !
CSO Upcoming Events
Makeup Orientation: August 29th
Club Fair: September 3rd & 4th
Welcome Back Bash: August 27th
SORC Office
Change of Contact Information
CSO Contact Information
CSO Resources
CSO Weekly Bulletin
CSO will send an email announcement every Monday called the Weekly Bulletin
Includes important CSO Announcements
Includes point opportunities
Includes announcements from other organizations, councils, and departments at FIU
If your organization wants to send an announcement to all CSO organizations:
Please send your announcement to

Requests are due

Friday by 10pm.
Available on CSO RoarSync Portal
During the semester, if there is a change of advisor and/or officer of an organization; Please update CSO with the new officer’s contact by submitting these forms:
Change of Officer Form
Change of Advisor Form
Features on the CSO RoarSync Portal
Where to find our forms?
Where to find documents you can download?
How to invite members on RoarSync?
PLEASE NOTE: Organizations will have one week from their packet approval date to fulfill the 10 student member with valid Panther ID requirement for registration.
Organization’s will not receive recognition letter or have access to funds until requirement is met. If requirement is not met, organization will not be recognized for the Spring 2016 semester.
What is SORC?
Student Organization Resource Center
Located in GC 2302, Right next door to Campus Life
Student workers are knowledgeable about CSO and can assist students when CSO office is closed
Announcements and CSO Point Sheet will be posted
Office use is for Club related activities only (print your homework elsewhere).
SORC Office
Resources Available:
Computer use
Free Printing
Banner Paper
Button Maker
Paper Cutter
Color Paper
Bulletin Space for Flyers and Announcements
Organization Mailboxes
Email: cso@fiu.edu
Phone: (305)-348-2285
Website: cso.fiu.edu
Council for Student Organizations

CSO Office Hours begin Monday
By: Armoni Clarit & Marissa Lucchesi
Non-Funded Groups are DISMISSED
Point System
Purpose of Points
Organization Monthly Report
Philanthropy Project
By: Nadine Matas

CSO Point System
Established to ensure that organizations remain active and visible on campus
FUNDED organizations must obtain 11 points and earn points in the required categories to be eligible for special allocation funding.
NOTE: There are three required points to be included in the 11 or they DO NOT count. (CSO General Body Meeting, Monthly Report Form, Signature Event)
No recognition will be given to events that do not fall under any of the categories without prior approval by the CSO E-board.
How To Forms are on RoarSync in the CSO Portal.
Point Categories
CSO General Meetings **
Organization Monthly Report **
Signature Event **
Community Service/
Philanthropy Projects
Leadership/Professional Development
FIU Spirit
CSO Favorite
Floating Point
CSO General Meetings
Organization representatives will meet with the CSO Executive Board at the monthly CSO General Meetings held the third tuesday of every month at 3:30pm in GC140
To receive point, the CSO Representative will sign in with a CSO Officer at the beginning of the meeting and then sign out with CSO at the conclusion of the meeting.
You DO NOT have to submit a point form for this point.
You must stay for the entire meeting to receive point!
Organizations must hold at least ONE (1) general meeting per month. In order to receive a point, you must submit the Organization Monthly Report and attach the meeting minutes. The meeting minutes must be descriptive and accurately depict the meetings’ content and activities enough so that an outside source can cleanly understand what occurred during the meeting. ( A Sample is in the CSO Roarsync Portal under the Files Tab)
Signature Event
How To Obtain Community Service and Philanthropy Projects Points
Signature events are projects or events hosted by your organization which embody the purpose and mission of your organization and serve to promote it to the FIU community
beyond simply tabling
host the event and open/advertise it to all of the FIU community.
Pro-Tip: Have a flyer made!
In order to receive a point for the Special Project, please submit a CSO Point Form with all the requirements attached.
Examples of
Signature Events
A cultural organization may host an event that educates others about the culture’s traditions, food, language, etc.
A film club may host a movie night and discuss the film’s impact on society.
A political organization may host a debate about current political issue.
A law organization may host a mock trial.
An academic organization may host a networking event with faculty within their specific academic field to help members succeed in the field.
Organizations can earn a communication point by adding an event to the

community calendar.
Community calendar requested must be submitted
at least one week
prior to the event taking place.
Only events hosted by the organization are eligible for the communication point.
Please submit the Communication Report Form, simply having the event approved on the umbrella calendar is not sufficient. You must report it!
Community Service Project
A Community Service Project is service volunteered by students to benefit a community or its institution.
Examples include, but not limited to:
Cleaning up a beach through an environmental agency
Feeding the homeless through a community agency
Community service projects must promote FIU and the organization in a positive and beneficial manner.
A Philanthropy Project is an active effort by the organization to promote human welfare. Examples include, but not limited to:
Raising money for a specific cause, i.e. ill children, research for a health condition
Creating and spreading awareness about an issue or cause, i.e. HIV/AIDS, domestic violence
Philanthropy projects must promote FIU and the organization in a positive and beneficial manner.
One Week BEFORE the Community Service or Philanthropy Project:

1. Go on RoarSync to the Center for Leadership and Service Portal: https://orgsync.com/45742/chapter

2. Go to the forms tab and fill out the CSO Philanthropy / Service Project Registration Form: https://orgsync.com/45742/forms/236101
How To Obtain Community Service and Philanthropy Projects Points
One Week BEFORE the Community Service or Philanthropy Project:

4. The CLS staff will contact the organization e- member who submitted the form through RoarSync message:
The project is


and will need documentation upon completion of the project.
The project is

; please revise your project and re-submit the registration form.
The registration form is

details will be specified.
How To Obtain Community Service and Philanthropy Projects Points
AFTER the Community Service or Philanthropy Project
1. Organizations must submit documentation in person to CLS or via e-mail directed to Kaleen Martinez for the community service and/or philanthropy event.
Documentation includes one of the following:
-An original sign-in sheet
-A letter from the agency (on letterhead) stating the details of the service completed or
-An email from the community agency’s contact person stating the details of the service completed

All documentation must be submitted into CLS in
GC 242 by CSO point deadline of each month in
order to receive points from CSO.
Leadership Development
Professional Development
A Leadership Development event helps promote leadership. It can be hosted by the organization, or members may attend a leadership event hosted by another organization/council/ department. Examples include, but not limited to:
Campus Life Leadership Development Series
MPAS workshops
Leadership lectures/conferences
If you participate in a leadership development event held by another department/organization, please submit event through the CSO Points Report Form to receive point
At least 3 members must attend to earn point
A Professional Development event helps promote professional development. It may be experiences that may be specific to your type of organization. It can be hosted by an organization, or members may attend a professional event hosted by another organization/council/department. Examples include, but not limited to:
Career fairs
Resume workshops
Mock interviews
For professional development events, please submit a CSO Points Report Form to receive the point
At least 3 members must attend to earn point
In order to receive points for LDS and MPAS Workshops:
Students must sign-in their name and organization name at the workshop. Please note that a student can sign in for only ONE organization at each workshop.
Students must remain throughout the entire workshop (any student leaving early will be removed from the attendance sign-in sheet).
The CL/MPAS staff will provide the CSO Vice President with a copy of the sign-in sheet for each workshop. Upon receiving that list, points will be allocated.
***Remember that this arrangement was made with the Campus Life, CLS and MPAS offices only. This means that sign-in sheets will not be provided to the CSO Vice President for workshops held by other organizations/departments.
***To receive a point for a workshop held by any another organization/department, students must submit a Points Report Form as they would for any other event.
How To Obtain Points For Leadership Development & MPAS Workshops
FIU Spirit
Organizations can earn a point by supporting FIU events including:
Athletic games
Student Programming Council (SPC)
Panther Rage
Black Student Union (BSU)
Student Alumni Association (SAA)
Student Government Association (SGA)
FIU Fine Arts sponsored events.
Organizations must submit a CSO Points Report Form in order to receive the point
At least 3 members must attend to earn point
Floating Points
Fall 2016 Point Deadlines
Social events allow for interaction between your organization members. These may include, but are not limited to:
Welcome back events
Meet & Greets
Holiday festivities
End-of-the-semester events.
Organizations must submit a CSO Points Report Form to receive point
Must be hosted by organization to be eligible for a point
Organizations can attend conferences and/or special lectures held by verifiable organizations and FIU departments. These include but are not limited to:
Conferences held by organization’s national headquarters
Lectures hosted by academic departments in FIU
Organizations must submit a CSO Points Report Form in order to receive the point
At least 3 members must attend to earn point
CSO Favorite
Important Points Information
How To Submit A Points Report Form
A CSO Favorite is any event chosen by the CSO Executive Board to be the favorite for the month.
Two events per month will be chosen as a favorite and CSO will encourage council officers and members to attend and promote inter-club networking.
Organizations can request their events to be considered as CSO Favorite through

in the CSO portal.
Organizations must submit requests the by first Monday of every month
Only organizations attending a CSO Favorite event are eligible for a favorite point.
At least 3 members must attend to earn point
Organizations that team up with another organization, department, or council to host an event can earn a point for working together and promoting inter-club relations.
To receive the Collaboration point, organizations must indicate the name of the organization, council, and/or department they collaborated with on the Points Report Form.
A minimum of four (4) members representing both organizations must be clearly visible in the photo proof.
All organizations submitted for collaboration point must be listed on event flyer, which must be submitted with the point form.
Through floating points, clubs can receive one point in a category that has not been fulfilled.
An organization can submit 1 additional point form for a category. Point must be submitted through the form of the corresponding category.
This point CANNOT be used to replace the CSO General Meeting, Organization Monthly Report, or Signature Event, which are required points to complete.
The form must be submitted during the month the event takes place. Late forms will not be accepted, and if submitted will be automatically denied.
Points are due the LAST FRIDAY of each month:
Club funding for events will not be available until the organization receives their recognition letter and submit required paperwork.
January/February Points – Feb. 24th @ 5:00 PM
March Points - Mar. 31st @ 5:00 PM
April – Apr. 28th @ 5:00 PM
Point forms will close at 5:00pm, late forms will not be accepted!
These dates can be found on page 6 of your Spring 2017 orientation manual.
Please note that satisfying the CSO Points System will provide an organization with more funding eligibility. It will not affect an organization’s registration status.
Points will not be counted retroactively
There is a one week discrepancy period. All concerns for that month must be addressed during that period.
Missing/Unedited points not addressed during correspnding discrepancy period will be denied.
All documentation MUST be submitted in png, jpeg, or pdf format, (pdf preferred!).
Submissions with word document format flyers are NEVER permitted.
You do not have to wait until the end of the month to submit a points form.
You only need to submit one point form per category.
Points System
Activities & Services Business Office
Silvana Rogelis – Assistant Director of Budgets

Maria T. Reyes – Sr. Fiscal Assistant

The A&S Business Office is located in GC 2201 and you can reach them at

(305) 348-3077
ASBO Resources
Accounting shadow system to the University’s Financials
System provides:
Available balance
Detail list of expenditures
Purchase order information
Travel request information
The ABSO Accounts are available for your organization to track expenses.
Link to main website:
Look for asbo log-in
ASBO Resources
Log in with username and password
Click on “budget” and scroll below to “list budgets”
Click on Council or Organization Name, then pick your club
Then click “list all” to view all expenses
A&S Funding
Where does A&S Funding come from?
Student fees paid during matriculation
The use of A&S funds must have a benefit to the majority of the student body.
Announcements of events that use A&S funds must be made public to the general student population.
All policies and procedures of the A&S Business Office must be completed in order for RSO’s to use their A&S Funding.
Prohibited Purchases With CSO Funds
Any items prohibited by law and/or SGA regulation or policy.
Alcoholic beverages or products with alcohol content and any related items or services such as bar tendering.
Items or services for an event at a private residence.
For other prohibited purchases with CSO Funds please refer to the finance code in Page. 31
Minimum Point Requirements for Basic Funding
Basic Funding (Basic)
Basic Funding
Basic Funding
CSO Funding
Funding Categories
Not Funded
Organizations that choose not to receive CSO funding and do not participate in the CSO Point System. They are not eligible to apply for Basic or Special Allocation funding.
Organizations who wish to charge local membership dues must register as a not funded organization.
Organizations that are registered and recognized by CSO will receive basic funding for completing the registration requirements by the funding and recognition deadline.
Organizations have the option to participate in the CSO points system to be eligible to request additional funding through the special allocation process.
No funded Organization is allowed to charge membership dues, aside from national dues if applicable.

There are


types of CSO Funding:
Basic Funding
– is the GUARANTEED amount of money given to a Funded organizations when the registration process is completed by the deadline.
Special Allocations

– are NOT GUARANTEED. Special Allocation packets must be completed and submitted to CSO E-Board at least 3 weeks prior to the event (at least 6 weeks for travel requests). These funds are allocated on a first come, first serve basis. All point requirements must be met to be eligible to request Special Allocations funding.
Returning Organizations

will receive $500 in Basic Funding in the ASBO account this semester, if they:
Complete the registration process each semester by the funding and recognition deadline.
New/Re-Established Organizations
will receive $150 in Basic Funding their first semester, if they:
Funded Organizations CAN NOT charge membership dues, unless it is required by the national organization and the total amount goes to them.
Re-Established Gold Organizations

will receive $150 in Basic Funding for their first semester being recognized again, if they:
Complete the registration process for the semester that they return.
New Gold Organizations

will receive $150 in Basic Funding for their first semester, if they:
Complete the registration process for the semester that they begin.
Basic Funding Organizations opt-out of participating in the CSO Points System and receive basic funding $500, if they:
Complete the registration process each semester.
Basic Funding Organizations will
be eligible to receive Special Allocations.
Basic Funding Organizations can not charge membership dues, unless it is a national due to the nationally affiliated organization.

Gold Organizations must earn at least one point in each of the following categories:
CSO General Meeting (1)
Organization Monthly Report (1)
Special Project (1)
two (2) other points can come from any point category.
Basic Funding of $500.00: 5 POINTS!
Special Allocations
Designed to supplement the cost of an event or program that fulfills an organization’s mission and purpose.
The accumulation of 11 points earned in previous semester gives an organization the opportunity to request additional funding as displayed by the
Special Allocations are
Approved based on requirements being met on a first come, first served basis.

Things to remember:
Request submitted less than
3 weeks
in advance will automatically be denied (for travel requests, a minimum of
6 weeks
is required).
Request submitted to the Campus Life or SORC Office will not be reviewed. Special Allocations packet must be submitted to the
CSO Office
during office hours only.
Once these funds are depleted, no more Special Allocation packets will be accepted for the semester.
1. Confirm fund availability in ASBO.


File for Funds Form (10 business days prior to event) through RoarSync.
Upload all required documents in a
PDF format
(Flyer, Quotes, Letter from adviser if necessary)
Adviser must approve File for Funds before the form can be reviewed
Must be advisers FIU email address
Beginning Fall 2016 reimbursement is no longer an option for student organization purchases. Items can only be purchased via procard, smartbilling, or contracts. For further details on appropriate vendors, please contact ASBO (GC 2201).
4. Depending on the purchase/service, procedures differ. So File for Funds forms should be submitted
at least 10 days prior to event.
A File for Funds form MUST be submitted and APPROVED before any confirmation of services.
Organizations will not be eligible to use club funds for events if form is not approved prior
ASBO Paperwork
Make sure to have a sign-in sheet for every event and/or meetings with the students’ name and panther ID.
Sign-in sheets and receipts MUST be submitted to ASBO after the event is over.
All contracts for speakers, DJs, performances must have an invoice for vendor including contact information and cost for service
Contract checks cannot be cut unless the person is a vendor in the system. This is usually a 3 week process. Students CAN NOT sign contracts.
How To Request TRAVEL?
1. Confirm funds availability with ASBO.
2. Download
(in Files section of CSO RoarSync portal)
3. Submit Travel Request Form (6 weeks prior to travel date).
Attach all required documents. (Agenda for Conference, quotes, release forms and names & PIDs of students attending.
Each student traveling must submit a signed

Travel Request Form signed by organization adviser.
4. Turn form with attachments to
Campus Life
for Campus Life Adviser signature.

Pick up form from Campus Life and SUBMIT to A&S Office.
6. Allow 10 business days for A&S Office to process the forms.
7. Follow up with A&S Office to make sure everything is taken care of before travel.
the travel, save all hotel, airfare or renal car receipts.
travel, submit receipts to A&S within 5-7 days.
10. Please note that when using A&S funds for travel, your organization is required to share the information learned during the travel, with fellow organization members/FIU student body.
NEWS article
to CSO via
Contact the Beacon to submit a story of your organization’s experience and travel
Present at a CSO General Meeting (3-4 minutes)
Submit a written letter from adviser to confirm that information was presented to organization members.
How To Request TRAVEL?
Depending on the travel, procedures differ. All Travel Request forms MUST be submitted 6 weeks prior to travel.
3 or more students in the organization must be attending the conference in order to request to use club funds
A TA must be created by A&S prior to travel being booked to include all students traveling.
Please note: All Travel expenses (hotel, tickets, etc.) must be booked at the same time.
Thank You!
Important Funding Information
Request Special Allocations
Important Funding Information
1. Request:
hould be turned in to CSO Executive Board
at least 3 weeks
prior to event request (at least 6 weeks for travel requests).
: CSO RoarSync Portal
3. Complete

the form.
Make sure to fill in proper sections, answer all questions on a separate sheet of paper, and attach all forms/quotes/invoices required.
Remember to make duplicates and to obtain the organization's adviser signature in the proper section.
For sample packets as references, please check under the Files section of the CSO
portal in the Special Allocations folder.
4. Submit

form with all attachments to CSO Office in GC 2300 for review at the next CSO E-board meeting.
5. CSO Finance Coordinator will notify organization of approval, denial, or if information is missing on the packet.
6. If awarded, funds will be placed into organizations’ A&S account.
7. Organization
submit File for Funds/Travel Request forms to use funds.

March 31st @ 5 PM (or earlier if funds run out)
Organizations can begin subitting file for funds AFTER they receive their recognition letter from CSO.
Funding letters will be emailed to organization’s President and Treasurer to inform you of funding eligibility for the corresponding semester.
The basic funds will be placed in your organization’s ASBO account for use.
Funds DO NOT roll over from semester to semester.
to submit File for Funds requests is

April 14th, 2017 @ 5 PM.
All orders for T-shirts, bags etc purchased using CSO funds must have designs approved by the Campus Life Publications office.
For Travel, all expenses for that travel must be completed at one time.
Honorariums for speakers – Max. amount = $500.00 per co-sponosoring organization
Students cannot create contracts on behalf of the university. All contracts must be created through Campus Life.
Thank you for coming and participating in the CSO Executive Board Orientation!
Please remember to
everything you learn with your fellow organization leaders!
This presentation and the orientation manual will be available on the
CSO RoarSync Portal
and CSO Website.
Jose Toscano
– Director, Campus Life
Alian Collazo
- SGA-MMC President
Ayana Wilson
– Associate Director, Campus Life iwilson@fiu.edu
CSO Recognition Only Deadline is
February 3rd at 5pm
approve registration packet. This will delay clubs getting their recogntion letter if not completed.

Log into your


account and enter the CSO Portal.
Click on “Forms”
Open the Point Report Form for the respective category.
Make sure your event falls within that month's points submission time.
A Point Report Forms needs to be submitted for the following point categories:
Signature Events
Organization Monthly Report
Social Events
Leadership/Professional Development Events
Conference/Lecture Events
CSO Favorite
FIU Spirit
Complete club and event information (Name, Date, Time, Location, Purpose of Event)
Upload at least ONE (1) picture at the event with members clealy visible, 3 or 4 depending on the requirements for the category.
Attach a Flyer for the event.
Sign-In sheets are only required if your organization hosted the event, otherwise submit another photo or flyer.
Submit the name and panther ID of members that attended the event.
Proceed to the end of the form and then Click Finish.

If you are not sure of your organization's category or may want to change from
non-funded to funded, YOU SHOULD STAY!
2. Questions should be directed to the Kaleen Martinez kalmarti@fiu.edu in CLS
Sample constitution available in the CSO portal under Files/important documents
The Graham Center offers a variety of multi-purpose event spaces and meeting rooms to host your events/meetings. Tables are also available for reservation by registered student organizations to promote a program or an organization. The GC staff is also able to reserve meeting spaces in academic buildings for student organizations, after academic classes have been assigned. The application is available in the GC Website, grahamcenter.fiu.edu on Monday of the second week of the semester. Note spaces are available Monday – Friday from 6pm to 11pm and flexible times on the weekends.
Graham Center Reservations
Campus Life Publications
Design Work
Organization Logos
Printed Flyers
T-shirts & E-board Polo
Roll Up Banners
Custom Table Cloths
FIU email address creation
Organizations receive an RoarSync Portal when recognized by CSO
At least one e-board member must do RoarSync training to gain administrator access
Trainings are done in the SORC Office during office hours
Organizations can communicate with members, create events, forms and upload important information in their portal
All important CSO forms and documents are on RoarSync in the CSO portal
File for funds
CSO Favorites

Points Workshop Date&Time: TBA
Funding Workshop Date&Time: TBA
How to have an effective E-board Date&Time: TBA

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