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chap 7 how i met myself

No description

atikah yusri

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of chap 7 how i met myself

Chapter 7: Dopplegänger How I Met Myself Summary Characters John Taylor
Zsolt Characteristics John's recurring dreams have stopped and he has not gone to the bar lately. Adrea soon surprises him with the news that she is pregnant. The next day however, Andrea loses her biggest teaching job with an international bank. Zsolt the owner of the bar offers her a job to get a woman's touch. The bar now brings in women and more customers because of Andrea's ideas to give the place a different look. Even with all the changes in his life, John still has not forgotten about his encounter with his double and soon finds out that his double is called a doppelgänger John Taylor 34-year-old Englishman
Nearly 2 metres tall
Light brown hair and eyes
Has a moustache
Determined Andrea Dark brown hair
Blue eyes
Loving wife
Humble Zsolt Owner of a bar
Open to changes Lesson Learnt You have to learn to cope with life's challenges Quiz who did she work with before
she lost her job? a. a school
b. a bank
c. a hospital
d. a law firm 1 What news did Andrea surprise John with? 2 a. the loss of her job
b. she got a job at the bar
c. she is pregnant
d. she saw his doppleganger Where did Andrea work after the bank? 3 a. the bar
b. a law firm
c. a record company
d. an office 4 what is a double called in German? a. duplicate
b. repeat
c. dual
d. Doppelgänger
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