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Ancient Japan

Vocabulary Review for Chapter 5 Japan- A collection of over 3,000 islands in the Pacific Ocean off of the coast of China that make up the Nation of Japan.

Joseph Williams

on 28 January 2010

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Transcript of Ancient Japan

Double click anywhere & add an idea Japan-An group of over 3,000 islands Constitution-a written plan for a government Animism-A belief that all things have a spirit Shrine-Holy Places Samurai-A Japanese Warrior Shogun-Commander Daimyo-Landowner Vassal-one who pledges an oath of loyalty Feudalism-The Bond of Loyaty between a Lord and his vassal Martial Arts-a sport that involves contact Meditation-relaxation and inner peace Calligraphy-writing beautifully Tanka-Japan's oldest form of poetry Guild-groups of merchants Sect-Small religious groups
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