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Time Management for High School Students

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Kevin Belcher

on 23 July 2014

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Transcript of Time Management for High School Students

Time Management Concerns
I often leave tasks until the last minute and fall behind or miss the deadline.
What is Time Management?
: The act or process of planning and using strategies to control the amount of time spent on specific activities.
High School Time Management
Enjoy time for schoolwork, friends, family, and extracurricular activities.
It Can Be Difficult to Manage Time
If you check Facebook, texts, or email every 5-10 minutes in a typical day ... how many times is that each semester?
Time Management for
High School Students

Social Media Time
12,400 times!
If it takes 10 seconds to get back to what you were doing before you stopped to check social media & messages ...
How much time will this waste during just your first semester in high school?
34.5 hours!!!
steps toward
managing your time
in high school
Begin with the End in Mind
Visualize to Realize
What are your HS goals?
What do you want the end of these 4 years in HS to look like?
How will you feel when you "finish well"?

What are your post-HS goals?
What is your career goal?
What is your family goal?

Who do you want to become?
I believe planning my time
& organizing my obligations
will help me to be successful throughout high school.
Establish your goals to gain the perspective you need to manage your time to become successful & enjoy your time in high school!
Step 1:
I never had to manage my time before.
I don't know how much study time I need.
I want to participate in extracurricular sports and activities.
There are other distractions in my life.
I need a plan for time management.
The goal of this effort is to increase effectiveness, efficiency, & productivity.
Success in HS will be great practice for college and career ... and life!
You will identify your personal priorities, strengths, and interests.
You can achieve your best.
Planning ahead & sticking with the plan for the whole month or semester.
Balancing time for schoolwork and fun each day & all week.
Short blocks of time between activities.
too much time
can be easily lost or wasted,
which makes it difficult to achieve your goals.
Stay positive & open-minded ...
you will find a new way
to reach your goal!
Fairfax HS Freshman Orientation
July 2014
Writing your tasks down in a list & crossing them off when they are done.
Time management is everything you do to make the best use of your time.

For Example ...:
Celebrating your progress when your tasks are completed.
Doing tasks properly the first time so you don’t have to waste time redoing them.
Managing Your Time
strive to maintain an accurate perspective of each ...
& semester.
identify & prioritize
tasks on your
"to do" list
execute, review, reflect, & adjust...
Step 3:
Step 2:
Obstacles Will Appear
These time management skills will help you to prepare for tests,
meet deadlines,
& attend other activities or events,
without being stressed
Planning & Scheduling
Estimate how much time you think your tasks & obligations will take.
Then, DOUBLE the time for your planner.
Almost everything takes more time than expected.
Set time limits for each task.
Otherwise, you will run out of time before you get anything finished.
Use a Planner
Document the semester's academic, athletic, & activity schedules.
Include all assignments, assessments, meetings, & practice times.
Develop a consistent weekly schedule.
Include homework, studying, eating, exercising, family time, & social time.
Freshman Orientation, July 2014
Created by Coach K. Belcher
Presented by Instructional Faculty Member
Content Adapted From:
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Take Control of Your Time
Create a
Prioritized To Do List
Identify Your Productive Time
Create a Dedicated Study Time & Study Space
Become Task-Oriented Not Time-Oriented
Complete Tasks to the Best of Your Ability
Discussion Questions
Think of a time when you believed you did not have enough time to get something done. How did you feel? How did you handle it?

What kinds of things deplete your time or cause you to spend more time than you should?

What makes you feel good about how you used your time?
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