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ATTENTION! Zombie Apocalypse

No description

Caryssa Cassidy

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of ATTENTION! Zombie Apocalypse

ATTENTION! Zombie Apocalypse
Hello America, I am Dr. Sanjay Gupta reporting to you from CNN news. I am here today to speak to you about the outbreak in zombies we have been seeing lately, and to explain what is going wrong inside their bodies to make them act this way. It all begins with the parts of the brain that could make these zombies so crazy.
Zombie Background
If you have not seen a zombie before, below are some warning signs you should look out for:
slurred speech
good short term memory, but no long term memory
no form of balance
feeling no pain
no need to sleep
constantly angry/agitated easily
heightened senses
located at the rear of the skull; lowest portion of the brain.
extends from the spinal cord .
balance equilibrium
movement coordination
conduction of sensory information
Zombies hindbrain is very much effected because is does not allow the body to use any of these functions as they used too as humans.
large, dual lobed mass of grey matter buried under the cerebral cortex.
Function include:
sensory signals
controls sleep and awake states
In a zombie the thalamus could have been expanded because zombies sensory signals are more advanced than a humans.
Also, they do not sleep so that could be from the thalamus being damaged.
Functions include:
food & water intake regulation
sleep-wake cycle
A zombie cannot stop eating brains, he will never get full. This is clearly a problem with the hypothalamus
Also, a zombie never sleeps and will never become tired.
Relies information between the hindbrain and the forebrain.
Makes up the brainstem.
Involved in auditory and visual responses.
A zombies midbrain could be damaged because no information is being transferred between the hindbrain and the forebrain.
Highest region of the brain.
Functions include:
processing and receiving complex information.
understanding language
This is possibly the most damaged part of the brain in zombies because they lose all of the major functions.
Involved in thinking, perceiving, motor function, and planning and organizing.
Zombies are not able to use motor functions or plan and organize their thoughts thoroughly so I would conclude that a zombie could have had impacted their cerebrum.
Temporal Lobe
part of the cerebral cortex.
functions include:
problem solving
Zombies have no long term memory.
Zombies clearly have no emotions considering they eat human brains.
Zombies have trouble solving complex problems quickly.
Zombies do not plan things out, all they want to do is eat brains.
Located inside the temporal lobe.
functions include:
emotional responses
Zombies have no fear. They do not fear humans or any thing that would scare a normal human being.
Zombies also have no emotions. Again, they eat peoples brains...
one of the main areas of the cerebral cortex.
Functions include:
speech production
language processing
Zombies have trouble speaking, and often have very slurred speech. This would be a problem in the Broca's area of the brain.
Broca's Area
area of the hindbrain contained with white matter and a thin outer layer of grey matter.
Function include:
balance and equilibrium
Zombies often walk with their hands out in front of them due to their balance issues which are taking place in the cerebellum.
functions include:
consolidation of new memories
sends out memories to the cerebral hemisphere for long-term storage.
A zombie could have slight damage to the hippocampus which causes it to stop sending memories for long term storage.
functions include
language comprehension
located in the left temporal lobe.
Zombies could have a deficiency in their Wernicke's area that could cause them to not be able to understand what a human is saying to them so this could be why they cannot communicate back correctly.
Wernicke's Area
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