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Lava lamp project

saad waheed

on 15 December 2011

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Transcript of LAVA LAMP

Electricity What is a Glitter Lamp? A Glitter lamp is a device that contains a standard incandescent bulb or a halogen lamp , which heats a tall glass bottle with water and glitter. In this presentation we will learn how a glitter lamp works.

Glitter Lamp
(Lava lamp) Step # 1 The first step is to figure out how we get the electricity too
operate the glitter lamp. The plug shown above has 2 charges
, negative and positive. This plug is plugged into the outlet in
the wall. This provides us with a power source.The power soucre is called AC power (Alternating current).The electrons begin to flow through the conductor because of the voltage we get from the outlet. The voltage is 120v-ac. There is also a neutral wire in the outlet to ground the overflow of current.

Step # 2 Step 2 involves the wiring used to make this device. There is 3 wires
that operate this glitter lamp , Positive , Negative and Neutral. These
wires are made of copper because its a good conductor. The electrons
start too flow through the copper while the insulator prevents us from
receiving an electric shock. The insulator is made up of rubber. With
out the insulator alot of electricity will not get to the load because
it will be lost in the air. Step # 3 The switch is very important in every electrical device. If the
switch is open the electrons will not flow through it and the
load will not operate. If the switch is turned on the switch will close and the electrons will flow through it and carry on to the load Open Switch Step # 4 Once the current reaches the load it converts it in to energy. This causes the light bulb to light up in the lamp. The bulb is 40 watts. The light bulb is a flood light
bulb. Inside the light bulb there is a filament wire that is made out of tangsten. This wire helps prevent oxidation from happening.

Step # 5 The light bulb heats the water and causes the glitter to move around.That was the last step for how too use a
glitter lamp.
Thanks For Listening !! Power Source Switch
Light bulb (Load) Conductor Resistor Fuse Glitter Lamp
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