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Eulogy for Rosa Parks

Eulogy for Rosa Parks; Speech by Oprah Winfrey; Prezi by Hannah Byrnes and Christina Berger

Christina Berger

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Eulogy for Rosa Parks

By: Hannah Byrnes and Christina Berger "Eulogy for Rosa Parks"
Speech by Oprah Winfrey Summary Important Line 1 Sources Oprah Winfrey says her final goodbye to her hero, Rosa Parks. She thanks Rosa for staying in her seat. Even though she got in trouble, she influenced others to stand up for what's right, helping end segregation through out the the country and making it a better place to live. "I remember my father telling me about this colored woman who had refused to give up her seat." From Oprah Winfrey herself and our own amazing knowledge. Author's Purpose To express her gratitude for all of Rosa Parks help against segregation and make many other people's lives better. Important Line 2 "'And I thanked to her than, I said, 'Thank you,' for myself and every colored girl, every colored boy, who didn't have heroes who were celebrated. I thanked her then.'" Paraphrase "I recall a while ago, my father telling me of a courageous colored woman who dismissed a white man's demand to give up her seat" Paraphrase "And I gave my gratitude to her. I told her 'Thank you' for every non-white girls or boys who didn't get help to a better life." Figurative Language 1 Repetition "I know that. I know that, and I honor that." Purpose To say that she truly knows what Rosa Parks did was helpful for a better life for her and other colored people. Figurative Language 2 Personification "And in that moment when you resolved to stay in that seat, you reclaimed your humanity and you gave us all a piece of our own." Purpose By staying in her seat, Rosa Parks helped defeat segregation.
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