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National 5 English - What to expect

An outline of the National 5 course for pupils about to begin S4

James McEnaney

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of National 5 English - What to expect

National 5 English What to expect The final exam Writing Folio The Folio Argumentative Expressive Set Text Analysis Close Reading Critical Essay There are 3 parts to the final exam Exam Preparation Assessments Talking Assessment Listening Assessment Internal Assessments Throughout the year you will sit two assessments designed to make sure that you are ready to sit the final exam Another important component of the course will be the Listening Assessment In order to complete the course you must also successfully complete a Talking Assessment Close Reading This is very similar to the current paper and you will have plenty of practice before the exam itself You will write one critical essay
(rather than the 2 essays required in Int2) You will complete a 2-part analysis of a set Scottish text All students must submit a portfolio of writing as part of the National 5 course For this folio piece you will write one of the following essays: For this folio piece you will write one of the following: You will sit a Close Reading assessment and a Textual Analysis assessment You must pass both of these assessments to sit the final exam in May You will be permitted 2 attempt to pass each assessment This is quite simple, and will involve you watching a video extract and then answering a series of questions You will also be permitted 2 attempts to pass this assessment This will require you to speak in front of an audience and respond to questions using appropriate communication techniques This assessment will be recorded and kept as evidence These must be passed in order to sit the final exam This will contribute 30% of your final award, so is very important and worth doing well 2 pieces will be required: a discursive or persuasive essay a short story or reflective essay You may redraft each piece a maximum of two times DISCURSIVE
This is where you explore both sides of an argument or issue in a balanced way PERSUASIVE
This is where you set out to convince the reader that one side of an argument or issue is correct Both options require appropriate research, the provision of sources and a formal writing style REFLECTIVE
This is where you write an essay looking back on something that has happened to you and considering the impact it has had CREATIVE
This is where you produce a short story Both options require a thoughtful and sensitive approach and must be written in an appropriate style Much of the folio work will be completed independently and in your own time Written over the course of the year and then sent off for marking Critical Essay Analysis of a set text The final exam constitutes 70% of your final award. It is similar to the current Intermediate 2 but there are some crucial differences. This paper tests your ability to read, understand, analyse and evaluate an unseen piece of text There will be 30 marks available The exam will last for 1 hour You will be able to choose whether to write this essay on a poem or a short story We will have studied the texts for the essay throughout the year and written plenty of essay in preparation You will have 45 minutes to write the essay in the exam Part one will be a textual analysis - there will be an extract from the text and a series of questions, with a total of 12 marks available Part two will be a short essay-style question - you will be asked to answer in relation to the whole text, with 8 marks available Remember that this part of the exam will focus on a text that has been taught throughout the year The big scary bit that really isn't so scary
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