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Rally Effect

No description

Dr Z

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Rally Effect

Using what we know in one culture as a framework to study something what we don’t. Comparative Studies Rally research extended
1. Rally effect found in a health crisis, not just in a usual military context.
2. Rally effect found in an authoritarian society, where media system is under direct government control.
3. Demographic group that’s more likely rally in a health crisis
As more international crises involving authoritarian states, it is crucial to study the rally of public opinion in a global context. Discussion RQ 2: Rally effect differs across demographic groups?

Rally effects found across different age, income, education, and occupation groups over 3 periods
But no rally effect for those at 23-30 and those earning over 3500 yuans per month. RQ2 RQ1: Rally effect behind local government?

Satisfaction with Beijing government grew over the three survey periods.

R1 supported RQ1 H1: Rally effect behind central government

More confidence in government over the three survey periods

H1 supported Finding Rally Effect
Confidence in government’s role (Parker, 1995)
Satisfaction with government’s role in combating a crisis (Hetherington & Nelson, 2003)
Survey Questions
Confidence in government’s role of fighting SARS?
Satisfaction with Beijing gov in fighting SARS? Measures A three-stage trend study - 3 consecutive cross-sectional surveys of Beijing residents
May 1-2, 2003 (n = 32): 1st specialized hospital
May 6-8, 2003 (n = 329): May 1 canceled
June 11-13, 2003 (n = 333): Quarantine lifted

Phone interview by Horizon Survey调查
14 - 60 years old Beijing residents Method Rally ‘Round the Flag” Effect

Bu Zhong (zhongbu@psu.edu) H1: Chinese public will rally behind their government during the SARS crisis.
RQ1: Will the rally effect extend to the local government during China’s SARS crisis?
RQ 2: Will rally effect differ across demographic groups during China’s SARS crisis? Hypothesis & RQs http://www.nationsonline.org/oneworld/china_sars_map.htm China SARS Map SARS Hits Asia, Europe, Americas Rally effects during a public health crisis, esp. in an authoritarian context? What We Don’t … Rally Effect associated with wars, political crises What We Have Known… Positive Perception of Government’s Role in Health Crisis Rally Effects in China’s SARS Crisis The severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) is life-threatening.
Symptoms include
A high fever
Body aches
A dry cough
It spreads mainly by close person-to-person contact. So, What’s SARS?
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