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Battle Of Midway Prezi

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Ben Wood

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Battle Of Midway Prezi

Post War All About Tactics The consequences of the Battle of Midway for the Japanese were huge. At a stroke they had lost four vital aircraft carriers that were considered to be vital for the Pacific campaign. Whereas the Americans could replace the 'Yorktown', the Japanese would have found it very difficult to replace one carrier, let alone four. Regardless of finding new carriers, experienced crew would also be needed and the Japanese had lost many experienced crewmen during the battle. Cause And Effect The Significance As a result of the war, and the loss to the U.S Hundreds of thousands of Japanese were forced to relocate to the Japanese main islands. Okinawa became a main U.S. staging point. After the Japanese surrender in World War II, the United States Armed Forces assumed administrative authority in Japan. The Japanese Imperial Army and Navy were decommissioned, and the US Armed Forces took control of their military bases. Years after the end of the occupation of the main islands, the bases still remain How did, if at all, this event alter the course of the war and post war society? The Japanese also made a few big mistakes, an example of this is when Japanese bombers thought they had hit and destroyed 2 of the USN carriers, when they had only injured one, the USS Yorkshire, this miscalculation may have cost them the battle. This is because after this Nagumo called all his planes in and told his men they could rest and get something to eat. A fatal miscalculation What tactics did each side employ during the battle? Both sides used very complicated tactics to attempt to deceive and trap each other, but the tactics by the Americans reigned supreme. After Pearl Harbour the USN put a lot of money into the upgrading of intelligence systems. This paid off when US Intel officers intercepted and broke the Japanese radio codes, discovering a plot to attack Midway. Another example of complex tactics was when Nagumo received news of an aerial attack he quickly moved his ships as to dodge the oncoming attack. What caused the Battle of Midway and how was it affected WWII? It all started in Pearl Harbor. The Japanese were intent on expanding its power in the Pacific. Its plan was to destroy the Navy of the USN, at its heart, on the island of Oahu, where the entire US Navy was situated. Chief Commander of the Imperial Japanese Navy Isoroku Yamamoto was a great visionary and modernizer. He was a pioneer of Naval Aviation and had been quick to use the prospect of Aircraft Carriers. This is what he used to put a big hole in the USN. On a stroke of luck for the US all 6 of its carriers were out of port on the day of the attack on Pearl Harbor, realizing this Yamamoto decided to lay a trap for the Americans. To attack something so important that the USN would have to send there Aircraft Carriers, the Japanese chose Midway as their target. The Japanese never recovered from this horrific defeat. Thus allowing the USN and their much stronger air fleet to have the fighting edge from every sea battle onward. Without crack pilots/and air crewmen to engage US airmen, less trained IJN airmen were no match in future aerial combat engagements. As would be evident during the "Marianna’s Turkey Shoot" in 1944, where the Japanese casualties approximated, 3 fleet carriers, 2 oilers, 550–645 aircraft and 6 other ships damaged Why was this event important in the wider context of the war? Historically, naval warfare's traditional sea battles have been fought, won, and lost. Midway was a decisive sea battle. It altered the course of the war by revolutionized Naval Warfare, with carriers and aircraft having superiority over battleships and destroyers. The IJN were crippled in the Battle of Midway losing 4 carriers,1 cruiser, 248 carrier aircraft destroyed and lost 3,057 of there best men. The Battle Of Midway . To skirt the Geneva Convention, the Allies classified many Japanese soldiers as Japanese Surrendered Personnel instead of POWs and used them as forced labour until 1947, The UK, France, and the Netherlands conscripted some Japanese troops to fight colonial resistances elsewhere in Asia. A Short Presentation
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